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Bonne O Carbonation System Sparkle Everything and Give the Gift of Deliciously Healthy Beverages

bonne-oBonne O is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Canada. The innovative and health conscious product was born out of love and the wanting to offer families, especially children, a healthy alternative to sodas and juices that are packed with sugar. There is more to the Bonne O than just making sugar free and natural beverages for kids! Yes! This product has more to it than meets the eye.

Let’s face it. I try and eat healthy and drink healthier beverages but there are so many products on the market that are very enticing. Personally, I usually tend to gravitate towards the products that are laden with sugar and are not as healthy for me. WHY? Because they are designed to taste better! Or so my brain has taught me over the years.

I dislike plain water. It’s boring and has no appeal for me. When I reach for something to drink, it has to have flavour. I admit that I am a huge pop drinker. WHY? Because it tastes good and I love that fizz  and tingling feeling as the liquid dances across my taste buds. If there was something that offered me the same sensation as I get with pop but was a helluva lot better for me and tasted great, I would very much consider giving pop up for good.

I am so glad that I received the Bonne O! I can now have water but with that extra punch of flavour and have it carbonated as if I were drinking a pop!

The Bonne O is so easy to use. With adult supervision, a child can use it and learn to make their own healthy, delicious and tasty drinks. They can choose what fresh fruit they would like and hence make it more appealing as well. It would teach them about making healthy choices.

There are so many options and choices to make a pretty amazingly tasting carbonated beverage. My first one that I made just to get familiar with the system was to make an orange drink. I sliced up an orange and added the sliced pieces to the reusable bottle.


Then, as instructed, I filled the bottle with cold water to the fill line. Cold water from the tap is okay but it is recommend that cold water from the fridge be used. The colder the water = more bubbles. Having a Brita system or jug to store water in the fridge is perfect.


Next, I simply placed the reusable bottle in it’s space and tightened the fastener. This ensures that the bottle stays in place and carbonates properly. Then, add just 1 carbonator to the specified space. Why am I using a white round puck? Simple! This is what is used to carbonate the water. There is no CO2 tank that needs to be stored in the home and taken back to get filled. Bonne O believes that this process is less dangerous than having a CO2 tank. Which is another reason why the father (inventor and owner) developed the Bonne O Carbonation System.


I had the option of adding 3/4 cup of water to the reservoir or 1/2 cup water with 3 tablespoons of sugar. So I opted for the later. Okay, I still craved my sugar but it is a lot less than what I would intake drinking a store bought beverage.


Next, simply place the lid and tighten where I just added the carbonator and the water. Then all there is left to do is press start and wait.


Here you can see the Bonne O carbonation system in process. I couldn’t believe how quiet the unit was. It made very little noise which I was pleased with. I was, truthfully, expecting a loud humming noise. As per the instructions, it said that the carbonating process would take 3-4 minutes. It didn’t even take that long or rather it didn’t feel as if that much time had passed. Best yet, the carbonation process infuses the fruit into the water!!!

Before I knew it, my freshly cut orange flavoured carbonated beverage was ready. It was really good. I was surprised at just how great it tasted. There was no taste other than water and the zing of the orange flavour. I had initially thought that it may have an odd after taste but it didn’t.


After I used the Bonne O and had become accustomed to it’s use, I went on to sparkle everything! I made drinks from fresh raspberries, kiwis, grapefruit and strawberries, I even mixed it up and had a mixed fruit drink.

The possibilities are endless as to what you can carbonate!

The Bonne O is great for alcoholic beverages as well! The book that I received along with the appliance starter kit has an endless supply of delicious Bonne O recipes and ideas.


You can make everything from Vodka, Gin and Wine cocktails. Sparkle up and carbonate some tea, sodas and herbs. Just let your imagination and taste guide you.

Where is says to place Bonne O syrup into the flavour chamber, simply create or purchase your own. Bonne O says “Any natural soda syrup will work perfectly with your Bonne O.” By natural they mean made with a natural sweetener like cane sugar and flavoured with natural ingredients.

The Appliance Starter Kit which I received is $169.99 and can be purchased by visiting: http://bonneo.ca/products/home-carbonation-appliance. Bonne O is also available for purchase at retailers across North America.

Sparkle everything! Water, fruit, tea, herbs, wine, spirits and more
All ingredients sparkled and infused in the bottle for intense flavor
One-touch, single button electric convenience
Powerful carbonation without a CO2 tank
Slim profile and easily fits under kitchen cabinets
Comes with one Reusable Bottle and three Carbonators

The Bonne O Carbonation System would make the perfect gift for anyone in your life who is looking to obtain a healthier lifestyle by making healthier choices.

Visit Bonne O’s website for more details: http://bonneo.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bonneosocial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bonne_O
Instagram: http://instagram.com/bonne_o
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxwn8dXRQQiXnRfue_eXtdw

A Mom’s Perspective has partnered with Bonne O to bring you this opportunity to win a Bonne O Carbonation System!

There will be One(1) Winner

Eligibility: Canada Only (No QC) 18+

End Date: December 9th 2016

Good Luck!

Please note:
All Mandatory entries must be done for the extra (optional) entries to count.
ALL entries are checked and will be validated.
Winner(s) will be randomly selected using the Giveaway Tools random selector and notified via email.

Disclosure: This giveaway is hosted and sponsored by A Mom’s Perspective. As such, A Mom’s Perspective is responsible for prize fulfillment.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Bonne O for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.


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  1. Allie f

    We love experimenting with homemade and creative bubbly concoctions

  2. Tainan Lu

    We would enjoy homemade healthy beverages

  3. Judy Cowan

    I think it would help us to drink more water, I too hate plain water. It just gets too boring after awhile.

  4. Joanne Saunders

    My family would benefit a couple of ways. First, there would not be as much garbage accumulated. Secondly, I could control how much carbonated drink they have.

  5. LoganC

    I would use it as something healthier to sit down and drink rather than just beer.

  6. i would try to mmake my own gingerale!

  7. Cheryl MacPhail

    I think this would be great fun making fancy drinks for the kids and maybe a few for the adults 🙂

  8. Juliee Fitze

    I don’t like the amount of sugar in pop so this would give me other options to drink.

  9. it would fun making different types drinks for the family and friends

  10. Melissa Marie

    We would live to try this as my husband lives pop but we need a new alternative.

  11. kristen visser

    I know I can benefit from the Bonne O Carbonation system! I love my drinks to have a bit of carbonation (wine included lol) I am always adding a bit of club soda to things to add the bubbly taste to it

  12. Soozle

    I think this system would allow for a healthy alternative to soda – which is beneficial to us all!

  13. Francine

    We’ve given up pop, but still like the occasional carbonated drink – this is a much more cost effective way to have carbonated water always on hand.

  14. Wendy Jensen

    I would benefit from the Bonne O Carbonation System as I would love to make different sparkling beverages. I get tired of just water and would like a little zip to it.

  15. Julie

    I have recently stopped drinking pop but water doesn’t really cut it for me either…so I am afraid I’ll end up drinking pop again! This sounds like a great solution to try! Do you have to purchase the white pucks separately? And keep buying them? Thanks!

  16. Brenda Lacourciere

    My husband is addicted to cola so this would help us to get him to drink more water.

  17. Lynda Cook

    This would awesome to have, I would love to make my own carbonated drinks!!

  18. angela eagle

    my adult son wants one for Christmas and I can’t buy him one. He drinks way to much pop and this would be a better alternative

  19. loriag

    If I won this I would it would benefit us as we would drink less pop.

  20. Christine D

    I love carbonated drinks and I don’t typically buy any since theyre usually loaded with tons of sugar but this would help me enjoy it without the overdose in sugar! Love it! I had no idea this existed

  21. Michelle K

    This would be great. We drink a lot of soda water. I think this would save us money and reduce waste at the same time – no more cans and bottles to recycle.

  22. Heather Howard

    I am on the cusp of becoming a diabetic and am on a weightloss journey. this system would benefit me for lessening my sugar intake and it would be wonderful to get my kids used to different fruits and less sugar! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  23. Mary Boudreau

    I think we’d drink a lot more water and it would eliminate other not so healthy beverages from our diet

  24. crystal porter

    It would be a better alternative for the kids, instead of pop. It would be great when company comes over to make healthy mixes for drinks.

  25. Jerry B

    Healthier carbonated drinks

  26. Andrea Womacks

    My husband loves fizzy drinks and this would make his drink choices healthier!

  27. Terry Perron

    We wouldn’t have to buy any more pop, this would be so much healthier. Great giveaway thank you

  28. Mary L

    This is what hubby wants this year.

  29. Debbie Bashford

    I was just diagnosed with diabetes so this would be a wonderful way to get healthier drinks and not feel like I am missing out!

  30. Tracey

    This would help me and my family cut down on sugary drinks.

  31. Ira

    We don’t drink much pop, but replacing that with a healthier alternative would be awesome. The amount of sugar in pop is crazy…

  32. Doreen Lamoureux

    Substituting the sugars colas for this system would be such a great health benefit for this household.

  33. Chris Riddle

    This would let us have healthier drinks than cola.

  34. Krista M

    Our family doesn’t buy or drink soda.. but we do drink juice which is still heavy in sugar. By substituting juice using the Bonne I think the kids could really benefit because I could control their sugar intake for a healthier beverage!

  35. Shirley OFlynn

    We drink a lot of pop in our home. I would love to make the switch to a healthier option. Thank you for the giveaway.

  36. Alison Braidwood

    I’m trying to eat low carb and cut sugar, but I still miss juices/pop. If I won this I’d use stevia as a sweetener and make some delicious low carb drinks.

  37. Karla Sceviour

    My hubby woluld benefit from this as he is the one that drinks A LOT of coca cola!! It is not good for him,so this would be great,and a lot healthier!

  38. Donna Durie

    We would be getting more water and fruits – the good things – into our bodies for better health.

  39. Victoria K

    This would be great for my kids. They enjoy trying different things and I on’t really want them to drink soda with all the chemicals. This way they can feel they are having the drinks and I feel like they are not poisoning their bodies.

  40. Mike H

    This would be perfect for me! I am always buying carbonated water to get my carbonation fix.

  41. Smoothies one day, carbonation the next…repeat 🙂
    Wendi Maroon recently posted…Clinton campaign agrees to back Jill Stein’s election recount effortMy Profile

  42. THis would help us make healthier drinks for the family

  43. Joanne Elford

    We would benefit by saving money on all the other drinks we buy.

  44. Robyn Bellefleur

    This would be awesome for my whole family, we would all use this.

  45. Silvia D

    It would encourage myself and family to drink less sugary drinks, I love to drink bubbly water!

  46. Scott MacMillan

    It would be a much healthier option and really cut down on the pollution of tin and plastics from disposable containers.

  47. Cherin McKenzie

    I think it would help my family drink more water.

  48. Wendy hutton

    I would love this, a healthy alternative from pop would be great to have

  49. Melinda

    The choice this machine offers would be great for my family. We could all enjoy our favourite drinks.

  50. Jonnie

    I think this would help us cut down on the amount of soda we drink

  51. Scotty

    We are working hard lately at leading a more active life style. My wife has found drinking water tuff as she loves her carbonation. This would be the perfect gift!

  52. Terri Baker

    My family would benefit form the Bonne O system because we would no longer be drinking pop or other sugary drinks. We could save many by carbonating our own water and adding fresh fruit to it for added nutritional benefits.

  53. em

    we can finally cut out the bad sugars and have natural sugars and make plenty of different of mixes

  54. John C

    My family can benefit by drinking healthier flavoured water instead of pop sodas.

  55. Michelle Policelli

    My mom could benefit from this! she doesn’t like drinking plain water that much so this would be so perfect for her.

  56. My father is very sick and needs to keep up his fluids intake while keeping his sugar intake low but he dislikes plain water. This would be the perfect gift for him!

  57. Debbie White Beattie

    Our family would benefit from this machine by getting better flavors and by not having to get soda that is so full of sugar.

  58. Julie bolduc

    My teenage daughter and my hubby would love this

  59. Deanna Petrie

    I’d love to win this for my father. He would benefit because he was recently diagnosed with diabetes and is constantly craving carbonated pop beverages. This would be such a great healthy alternative.

  60. Judy Duong

    I only drink pop because of the fizz so this would benefit in a sense where we could have the fizz without all the added sugar. Good way to stay healthy.

  61. Kathleen Roffey

    My daughter is asking for one for Christmas, she wants to make healthier drinks

  62. Nicole B

    I would love this so there isn’t as much waste as buying the bottles at the grocery stores!

  63. Monica Petzoldt

    I would not be buying pre manufactured soda, we would be enjoying a healthier life style.

  64. josephine evans

    Sadly, I do not drink enough water and I think this will get me in the mood to drink more.

  65. LisaM

    I think it’d be great to reduce the amount of sugar we (okay, I) consume!

  66. Tabby72

    I think this system would give my family the opportunity to try new approaches to fancy drinks and lead us to healthier alternatives!

  67. Marlene V.

    My family would love this. I think it would lead them to drink healthier and less sugared drinks.

  68. SarahJ

    We would drink more water.

  69. Faye W.

    We would drink more water.

  70. Gillian Morgan

    This could save me so much money. I love carbonated water and not having to buy it would save some money.

  71. Edith Rennes

    We would drink healthier instead of soft drinks

  72. Kaitlyn

    I’d love to win this to gift to my parents. They’d have so much fun making fancy concoctions for their friends.

  73. DebP

    I think this would be a healthy alternative to purchasing carbonated drinks. We could control what goes into them.

  74. Vanessa L.

    I buy a lot of Perrier and other flavoured carbonated water. This would let me save money by making my own!

  75. 409cope

    We would benefit by not having to buy pop and saving money.

  76. I would love to cut out pop and this would make giving it up easier
    Shannon recently posted…Mastermind Toys 2016 Holiday Gift GuideMy Profile

  77. alexa

    i love being able to make all of my one food and know exactly whats going into it

  78. J. Wong

    We would save money by not buying carbonated water.

  79. Calvin F.

    Would be fun to make some carbonated sparkling juice to drink when the family gets together!

  80. Rosa Cross

    This would provide us with a healthier drink.

  81. Maritess

    My family could benefit from this because we can remove pop when we have thise carbonated drink cravings.

  82. Sandra S

    It would help us drink more water, as I love even just unflavoured carbonated water

  83. Amy Lovell

    If we had this, we could get more liquids in easily, and it would discourage other more sweet sugary beverages!

  84. It would be so great to win this! We can finally ween ourselves off of sugary sodas

  85. Leslie C

    I really want to try this because my biggest VICE is pop and I am literally addicted to it!

  86. travelbuds

    My kids love anything with bubbles. It would be fun making freshly squeezed lemonade with bubbles.

  87. I think that this system would take out the pop from our life. It is so hard to not cave in to the sugar in pop.

  88. William Ng

    Definitely would benefit from the healthier versions of soda with a lot less sugar!

  89. Pd Reimer

    My family would definitely benefit from this because we would drink far less pop and more water!

  90. Janet M

    We would enjoy all the different fruit combinations we could use.

  91. Gord

    We would benefit from using one of these units by reducing our sugar intake. Another benefit, there would be so many healthier drinks we could create.

  92. Josh S

    It would be nice to substitute this for some of the pop that we drink.

  93. Elizabeth Vlug

    I am trying to be more proactive in my health, and that means drinking more water and less sugary drinks. This would be ideal for that. And also being able to change up the flavour would be nice too.

  94. nicky

    This would be great for our family as it would save us money not having to buy club soda all the time, plus it would be healthier to make drinks at home.

  95. My husband loves to drink carbonated water and we spend a fortune on “name brands”. It sure would be nice to be able to make him a bottle/glass in a minute!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  96. Sandra c

    I live on carbonated natural waters. Have always wanted to try a carbonation system

  97. louise

    this would be wonderful for the family. I think we would save a lot of money if we had one of these

  98. I would loce to try this instead of the pop drinks.

  99. Natalie Wong

    I have been trying to curb my husband’s addiction to sugary soda pop drinks. He loves carbonated drinks but I don’t enjoy having to lug the bottles home from the grocery store or having to recycle all those bottles. Now that my son is starting to like carbonated drinks, I think my family would benefit because the Bonne-O could provide a healthier alternative and reduce recycling. Thanks for the chance e to win.

  100. My family would benefit because we all love carbonated beverages
    Stephanie LaPlante recently posted…American Girl Doll ReviewMy Profile

  101. ABC123

    if I make my own pop, I know that what my friends and family are drinker are healthier for them than store bought…

  102. Linda

    We drink a lot of store-bought fizzy drinks. This would help us cut down on the sugar.

  103. Shaunce

    We are trying to get our daughter to drink less sugary drinks so this would be perfect for that.

  104. lorna

    It would be great to make a delicious carbonated drink with fresh fruit and no sugar.

  105. Wanda Bee

    It would help us to drink more water.

  106. Tina L.

    This would cut down on the amount of sugar that we drink

  107. Amy C

    We would benefit from the Bonne O Carbonation System because I can’t have sugar. It would be great because I could still have carbonated beverages like everyone else minus all the sugar.

  108. Sarah K

    Love bubbly drinks but I dislike sweet drinks. This would be great!

  109. jan

    My daughter cannot have sugars, so this would control that, but give her fizzy drink without aspartame.

  110. Mary Koehn

    We would like to try carbonating our apple cider from this fall!

  111. Denae Boucher

    We can have healthier bubbly drinks!

  112. Victoria Ess

    We could benefit by saving money on carbonated drinks

  113. carole

    Looking forward to sparkling wine!

  114. Krislyn Roth

    It would allow us to cut down on sugar and keep great taste.

  115. AD

    I love anything fizzy; always have and likely always will. So having this product, would be awesome as I would continuously use it to make drinks for myself using fresh fruits. It would be gorgeous in the summer!

  116. Caryn Coates

    It would allow us to make delicious drinks without much sugar 🙂

  117. Sherri F

    This would help us cut out soda and enjoy much more healthier drinks!

  118. CL Chin

    My family would benefit from this because we can control the amount of sugar we consume as well as save some money by making our own drinks!

  119. Never tried this type of produce before, look interesting

  120. Laurie W.

    We buy far too much pop and don’t drink enough water and the Bonne O system would help us to change that.

  121. S. Jackson

    My family would benefit by controlling the carbonated drinks and eliminate buying pop drinks!

  122. Aimee

    My kids would feel like this is a treat and bonus, it’s healthy. Great prize

  123. Carol M

    We would drink a lot more water which is good.

  124. Erika Letson

    I have been wanting one of these for a while now and I think my whole family would benefit from it! We are trying to reduce our sugar intake and I could make healthier drinks for the family at home!

  125. IT would benefit me and my family because it will help with getting off canned soda completely! 🙂

  126. Luzviminda Gunter-Smith

    Wanna win this 😳😁please, would be great for the family who loves sparkling fruity drink, being healthy is y families agenda, reduce sugar intake and drink more water but with a twist, sparkly and fruity

  127. Jeremy

    My kids would like using this

  128. Wouldn’t need to buy bottled sparkling water, plus try new flavours
    Surinder gurm recently posted…Blue Mountain 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration Giveaway USA 12/24My Profile

  129. Jessica C

    I dont like the amount of sugar in pop. This would be a great alternative for my kids so i can control the amount they have and not worry about all the garbage regular pop has, Great benefit to all of our health.

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