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My Reverse Bucket List: The Top 10 Things I Will Never Do

The Top 10 Things I Will Never Do

A Reverse Bucket List

reverse bucket list

I am not an adventurous person. Those who know me would never say my name and adventure in the same sentence (or conversation for that matter).  Some might say I’m quite boring.  I always pick the safe route, the risk-free route, the quiet route. I have never really gone anywhere, and I’ve never been outside of Canada before. I’m happiest being at home, and although there are a few places in the world I have always wanted to travel, I’ve never wanted to do anything dangerous or dare-devilish. Exciting to me is a good old fashioned rock concert, or a day at the Calgary Stampede with the kids.  Some people have a Bucket List of exciting things they want to do before they die, but I have Reverse Bucket List of exciting things that I NEVER want to do!

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myfunvelope: The Affordable Craft Subscription (Coming Soon)

myfunvelope: Fun & Crafts to Keep the Boredom Away


I am always trying to find things that will keep my kids occupied and OFF of their tablets. We have a wide selection of toys and games, and I try to make sure their craft shelves are full of paper and crayons. The boys love to do crafts, but I am not very “crafty” so I try to find reasonably priced craft kits that they can do either on their own or with minimal help.

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3DLight FX 3D Night Light – Comforting Cordless & Fun

Paw Patrol – Chase – 3D Night Light

Chase is on the case, making bed time easier!

3DLight FX Paw patrol

Lately my youngest son has started waking up several times in the middle of the night with bad dreams. The cats will startle him, or he will hear a noise, and he ends up getting scared. Most times, when he wakes up like this, its almost impossible to get him to go back to sleep in his own bed. Unlike his brothers, there is no where in his space to plug a night light into the wall to provide him with some comforting light for those times when he does happen to wake up. After much searching, I found a product that I believe is the perfect answer. A 3D Night Light by 3DLight FX.

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Family Day – Celebrating our Families Every Day

Family Day 2017

Family Day

With Family Day arriving soon, Christine and I wanted to take the time to celebrate our families with you, and to celebrate the little every day things that we take for granted. To celebrate the quiet times spent with our kids, our pets, and our husbands.  We want to take the time to celebrate the simple moments that we so often overlook, because its the every day moments that are the most special and the most important.

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Chefs Plate: Making Meals Easy with Restaurant Quality Dinners


If you’re a busy Mom (or Dad), you know how hard it can be to put fresh, healthy, home cooked meals on the dinner table every night. Some days are just crazy hectic, and you end up buying the kids McDonald’s, or popping some frozen chicken nuggets in the oven. Do you wish that there was a better option? Something quick and easy, made with fresh ingredients, that is a complete and balanced meal? Now you can with Chefs Plate. They provide the ingredients and the step to step instructions for you to create restaurant quality meals from the comforts of your own kitchen in about half an hour!

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Art Crate: Personally Curated Art Prints Delivered


As you’ve probably noticed, the big theme with me for our gift guide is unique. I love thinking outside the box, and giving gifts that are different, unusual, or otherwise unique; gifts that no one has thought of but everyone wants or needs. In my quest to find the perfect gift I came across a subscription service called Art Crate.

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Flik Flak: Helping Kids to Tell Time


With everything digital now, its more and more difficult for kids to learn to tell the time. Not all school curriculum includes teaching how to read an analog clock anymore. If you’re like me, you can find the process of trying to teach your kids how to tell time frustrating and difficult. 

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Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Tweens


Everyone has that one person (or more) who are difficult to buy for. They have everything they need, they don’t want anything, or they are not great at giving you ideas of things that they like or want.

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Give the Gift of Planning with Personal-Planner


I use planners, agendas and calendars for everything. They are my life blood. I’m old-school, so I don’t use my calendar app on my phone for anything beyond being notified of the Calgary Flames game schedule (I have hockey issues, but that is another story). I prefer paper and pencil for everything from grocery lists to my monthly budget and beyond. One of my favourite things to receive at Christmas time are calendars and agendas. I always have several of them around the house and use my planner to keep track of everything from doctor appointments to bill payments and school events or holidays.

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DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Christmas Ornaments


My Mom is very crafty! She sews, she knits, she crochets. She also makes her own Christmas ornaments to give to family and friends. Last Christmas my Mom decided to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ornaments. Seriously, how CUTE are these guys? We have all of them: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael.

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