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World Pizza – Sterling Children’s Books – June 2017

Sterling Children’s Books 

June 2017 New Release

World Pizza

by Cece Meng
illustrated by Ellen Shi

world pizza

Bring on the Peace-ahh!

When Momma spots a wishing star, she starts to ask for world peace — but a sneeze changes “peace” into “peace-AH-AH-AH-choo!”

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SnackPals – Portion Control Snack Dispenser

WOW Kids Presents


Portion Control Snack Dispenser

It’s like magic! Shake TWICE for one serving.

For ages 18m+


Toddlers and children love their snacks — but sometimes they will take (and eat) larger portions than their stomach can comfortably handle! WOW GEAR, the innovators of the spill-free 360° drinking edge WOW CUP, announce the launch of SnackPals, the portion control snack dispenser.

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Catch and Learn – The Game Where You Fish For Answers

Catch and Learn

Practice Your Motor Skills, Math, Spelling & More!

catch and learn

We are a board game kind of family. I find board games are perfect for weekends and any day when its just not nice to go outside and play. I love when a game is not only fun but includes some educational content as well! NEW from Plasmart,  Catch and Learn is a fun game where kids can practice their spelling, grammar and math skills!

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Love With Food – June Deluxe Box

Love With Food

Snack Smart. Do Good.

June Deluxe Box Review

For every box sent, Love With Food donates a meal to a hungry child.

love with food

Love With Food is a really cool subscription box that sends you delicious snacks to your door each month. They donate a portion of the proceeds to help fight childhood hunger in the US and around the world. Memberships start as low as $7.99 (for US residents) and $16.50 for International customers.

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Tonka TINYS – Collect Them All


from Funrise Toys

tonka TINYS


The collectible, highly-detailed Tonka TINYS vehicles are ready to go on an epic adventure with the Blast & Dash Quarry  and Car Crush Escape Playsets! Each playset includes an exlusive Tonka TINYS vehicle and is compatible with every vehicle in the line. All Tonka TINYS playsets can be connected to expand the Tonka TINYS world! 

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Hurricane Spin Broom by Bulbhead

Hurricane Spin Broom

by Bulbhead

Hurricane Spin Broom: The Easy Way to Sweep! No Bending, No Hard Work!

hurricane spin broom

Spilled cereal, dirt, pet hair, and other debris whirl away fast thanks to the cyclonic action of this Hurricane Spin Broom. Three spinning brush heads whisk messes into the built-in dustbin, while swivel steering lets you clean under cabinets and along baseboards with ease.

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Little Leaves Sun Protection Clothing + Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

Little Leaves

Sun Protective Clothing

little leaves

Sun protective clothing is extremely important.  Even on a cloudy day in the fall or winter 80% of ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun penetrates through. This UV radiation is linked to skin cancer and premature aging.  Skin cancer prevention starts in early childhood. Sun damage is cumulative over your lifetime. 

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Vichy Sunscreen Ideal Soleil Sport SPF 60

Vichy Sunscreen Ideal Soleil Sport SPF 60 
Ultra-Light Lotion for Face & Body

Vichy Sunscreen Ideal Soleil SPF 60 Sport

Work and play in the sun longer using the Vichy Ideal Soleil Sport SPF 60.

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Giant Gazillion Bubbles – Tons & Tons of Bubble Fun!

Giant Gazillion Bubbles

by Funrise Toys

Experience the Magic of Giant Gazillion Bubbles

giant gazillion bubbles

Gazillion Bubbles has led the charge in creating premium bubble products for over a decade! With an extensive array of bubble toys and machines, Gazillion Bubbles has something for every young bubble fan!

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Garnier Whole Blends for Your Unique Hair Type

Garnier Whole Blends
Repairing, Hydrating, Protecting, Refreshing, Smoothing & Nourishing

Garnier Whole Blends

Garnier Whole Blends products are 100% Paraben free containing natural ingredients that are combined with fragrances which are sure
to tantalize the senses. Sourced from around the globe, the natural blends using select ingredients are formulated for each hair type.

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