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xtava Collapsible Diffuser for Hair Dryer #xtcanada

Xtava- Collapsible Diffuser for Hair Dryer-1To be honest, this is maybe about the 5th time using a diffuser. I have one that I do not like because it is made of plastic and hard as a rock. It has pointy tips that seemed to jab into my head. I just did not like the feel of it so I stopped using it a loooong time ago. I had noticed that the xtava Collapsible Diffuser was made of an elastic silicone so I thought I would give it a whirl.

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xtava Black Silk Straightener #xtcanada

xtava Black Silk Straightener-3I have used other straighteners in the past but I couldn’t wait to test xtava’s Black Silk Straightener. I love comparing products against others I have used and I was excited to see if the xtava Black Silk Straightener reached or even exceed my expectations.

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ISA Professional 1 Step Victorya Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review #ISAprofessional

1 Step Victorya Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair StraightenerI am so happy that I was chosen to review ISA Professional’s 1 Step Victorya Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener (whew! say that 5 times fast) -lol. Seriously though, it is one of the best flat iron I have ever used!

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