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SunRype’s 100% Concord Grape Juice

Sunrype-Concord-Grape-JuiceAlthough I absolutely LOVE grapes, I have to admit that I am normally not a huge fan of grape juice. I was quite surprised at just how great SunRype’s Concord Grape juice tasted. 





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SunRype’s Strawberry Banana Frullo

Sunrype-FrulloA refreshing burst of strawberry and banana is what you will find when you take your first drink (and each one thereafter). I found the blend of strawberry to banana ratio perfect. I found myself swirling the liquid around in my mouth to see if I could separate the two different flavours. It was difficult to do. The found the juice to have a little bit of a thickness to which I attribute to the banana ingredient. SunRype’s StrawberryBanana juice made me think of a tropical island.

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Zevia’s Zero Calorie Soda

Zevia-PlethoraFlavoursZevia: The Zero Calorie – Naturally Flavoured – No Sugar Added – No Artificially Sweetened Soda
I consider myself somewhat of a soda connoisseur, an expert if you will. In the beginning there was the ever ongoing battle between the big C and the big P brand. Many moons ago I was converted to the big P and never looked back. I drink way more soda, cola or whatever you choose to call it more than I should. The way I see things is if I like it I am going to eat it and drink it. If I were to die today at least I will die happy in the knowledge that I never denied myself the cravings for the things I love. That being said I do eat well and try to eat right. I have tried many a soda, cola and drink that laid claim to be better for me but I always was left disappointed. The taste and oh so icky aftertaste that I was left with steered me away…..Enter Zevia

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