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Naked Snacks: Delicious Snacks, Delivered Right to You.

Naked Snacks

80% Wholesome 20% Indulgent 100% Delicious

Naked Snacks: Feed your brain with delicious, unique, good for you snacks!

Explore wholesome indulgence! Enjoy healthy snacking, delivered to your door!

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Snacking Healthy with Zak Organics

Zak Organics Crunchy Peas
Organic Snacks full of Fibre & Protein

Zak Organics Crunchy Peas

I’ve found my new favourite snack – Zak Organics Crunchy Peas! These crunchy bites are bursting with flavour and curb my hunger between meals. What’s great too is that Zak Organics snacks are made and produced in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan using organically grown peas that are planted,harvested and produced on the family owned and operated farm and packaging facility.

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SMURFS: The Lost Village – A Smurf Family Movie Night + Recipe


A Whole New World Awaits

A Smurfs Family Movie Night Moment

Smurfs The Lost Village

SMURFS: The Lost Village
In this fully animated, all-new take on the Smurfs, a mysterious map sets Smurfette  and her best friends Brainy, Clumsy, and Hefty on an exciting and thrilling race through the Forbidden Forest filled with magical creatures to find a mysterious lost village before the evil wizard Gargamel does. Embarking on a rollercoaster journey full of action and danger, the Smurfs are on a course that leads to the discovery of the biggest secret in Smurf history!

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Make Your Own Sundae Bar with Otis Spunkmeyer

Otis Spunkmeyer: Only for Everyone

Otis Spunkmeyer

Great tasting, and no funky stuff!

Right now you’re probably wondering about the name OTIS SPUNKMEYER. Its an odd name, but so much fun to say! Before we go any further, I have say that Otis Spunkmeyer is not a real person BUT Otis Spunkmeyer IS a whole bunch of deliciousness in a box!

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Curbing Cravings with PrOATein Bar

In a promise to myself to live a more healthier lifestyle, I have begun to eat foods that are more wholesome. More importantly, I am striving to snack healthier. I have a huge sweet tooth and “junk food” has always been my best friend. Lately, in my effort to curb my cravings, I have been opting for much healthier products such as the PrOATein Bar.

PrOATein Bar

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Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle Deliciously Light, Thin, Crispy Snacks & Recipes

sheila-gs-brownie-brittleSheila G’s Brownie Brittle is an award winning snack. Previously only available in the USA, Brownie Brittle is now available for purchase in Canada in select flavours. At only 120 calories per serving, these light, thin and crispy snacks are perfect for serving to family, friends and guests.

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Real Layers Gourmet Buttercream Frosting Canada’s 1st Premium Ready-to-Spread/Shelf Stable Frosting

real-layers-buttercreamfrosting-giveawayReal Layers Gourmet Buttercream Frosting, located in Toronto Ontario is a family owned company. Three sisters (Ana, Rosa & Lucy) launched their sweet business on May 1st, 2016. It all began in April of 2015 with Ana’s  frustration with ready to spread frostings and the artificial ingredients contained within. So, Ana went to work. Her kitchen was her lab where she let her imagination flow to create whole food, deliciously tasting, allergy friendly and the first Premium Ready-to-Spread/Shelf Stable Frosting in Canada.

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Sweets from the Earth Sinfully Sweet Desserts

SweetsfromtheEarth-LogoSweets from the Earth is a family operated facility located in North York, Ontario.

The family-run company makes a full line of original recipe, egg free, dairy free, vegan baked goods, which are made using only the best all natural, kosher, 100% plant-based, GMO-free ingredients. They offer both a nut free and a gluten free line.

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Big Chief Meat Snacks

Big Chief Beef Jerky-OringalIf it was the last food group on the planet, I would be a happy camper. I love taking it with me in the car for long travels (or even short ones). I always have some with me when I go for long walks and hikes. It is a must have (for me) when I go fishing and hiking.
Big Chief Meat Snacks has a long lasting flavour and the jerky can be chewed for quite some time. This, to me is a great thing! I love jerky that lasts as it can curb the hunger when I am unable to run to the kitchen for a bite to eat. It’s a perfectly packaged portable protein.

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Kerr’s Maple Kisses, Chocolate Cream Butter Toffee and Greek Yogurt Fruit Chews

Kerrs-LogoKerr’s has an extensive line of products, which I am certain you are aware of, or at least have sampled a few. From Fruit Drops to Moos and their Holiday products, they are loved by many.

Kerr Bros. Limited, located in Toronto, Ontario Canada was established in 1895 by Edward & Albert Kerr.
Originally located in St. Thomas Ontario, they sold their store and moved to Brantford in 1898, with yet another move in 1904 they finally settled at their location in Toronto to be closer to suppliers.

Generations and 115 years later, Kerr’s has been a leading Canadian manufacturer of confections.

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