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Make Your Own Sundae Bar with Otis Spunkmeyer

Otis Spunkmeyer: Only for Everyone

Otis Spunkmeyer

Great tasting, and no funky stuff!

Right now you’re probably wondering about the name OTIS SPUNKMEYER. Its an odd name, but so much fun to say! Before we go any further, I have say that Otis Spunkmeyer is not a real person BUT Otis Spunkmeyer IS a whole bunch of deliciousness in a box!

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Curbing Cravings with PrOATein Bar

In a promise to myself to live a more healthier lifestyle, I have begun to eat foods that are more wholesome. More importantly, I am striving to snack healthier. I have a huge sweet tooth and “junk food” has always been my best friend. Lately, in my effort to curb my cravings, I have been opting for much healthier products such as the PrOATein Bar.

PrOATein Bar

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Hearty Beef Barley & Mushroom Soup

Today was a SOUP day!

Beef Barley Mushroom Soup Not only is soup a great budget meal, its comfort food. It can warm you up on a cold day, and soothe you when you’re not feeling well. I pretty much use any excuse I can think of to make soup during the fall and winter months.

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Get Sossy with Red Soss Sauces & Condiments Made in Ontario Naturally

An Introduction to Red Soss: Locally grown and sourced sauces.


When looking for new products, we always try to find products that are Canadian. This is especially true when looking for new food products. Something I really LOVE to see is that the food I am eating is locally sourced right here in Canada!

ALL Red Soss products are 100% natural non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, sulfite free, nut free, dairy free and vegan! What does this mean? It means that Red Soss is your one stop shop for all your condiment needs, and is perfect for everyone and every diet.

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Try the World Michelin Holiday Subscription Box

Try the World Michelin Holiday Subscription Box

Try the World Subscription Box

I really love the idea of subscription boxes like Try the World Subscription Box. I love being able to try new things before I buy, or to be able to try things that I otherwise would not have access to. I love how the subscription box service has spread out to include so many different things! Once upon a time it was just beauty items. Now the possibilities are almost endless! One of my favourite types of subscription boxes are food boxes.

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Spice up your life with Raw Spice Bar and create delicious meals from Easy to prep Recipes

raw-spice-bar-logoRaw Spice Bar is a monthly subscription service that delivers fresh spices right to your door.

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Stuff Their Stockings With Go Gourmet Slammers


Back in early 2011, when my youngest was a baby, I heard about a Canadian company called Baby Gourmet. What intrigued me most was that their product was in pouches, and not in jars like the other companies. I was also curious about their flavour selections as they were unique and different from what was previously available from the other national brands. Did I mention that Baby Gourmet is also ORGANIC? They definitely piqued my interest!

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Miss Fresh: Home Delivery of Fresh Ingredients for Meals plus Discount

miss-freshMiss Fresh is a Canadian company that inspires healthy home cooking. Delivery of fresh ingredients for easy to make meals that are perfect for the busy mom/family. All meals can be made in 30 minutes or less.


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Espuna Canada: Experience the Taste of Spain with Tapas Essentials

espuna-canada-promoEspuna, a family owned company out of Spain first produced sausages using traditional recipes in 1947. The company has since broadened their product line which include cured meats and Tapas. Their business now serves customers from all over the world, including Canada!



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Give the Gift of Coffee with Coast to Coast Coffee


Something that will pop up in the majority of my Christmas Gift List choices is that I like to give unique gifts to the people I love. I put a lot of time and effort into thinking about what to give, and making sure that those choices are appropriate for the person I am giving them to. I like to think outside of the box, and I like to give gifts that are specific to the likes and personality of my friends and family. Generally speaking, you are not going to see a lot of gift cards or boxed gift sets from Walmart from me. There is nothing wrong with gift cards or boxed gift sets (I enjoy receiving both) but Christmas time, and gift giving in general, is a time when my creative side really shows.

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