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Bulbhead Red Copper Square Dance Pan For All Your Cooking Needs

Red Copper Square Dance Pan

by Bulbhead: The Home of Bright Ideas

So Non-Stick the food DANCES right off!

Red Copper Dance Pan

I am always looking for a better way to do… well, everything, and cooking is no exception. When I was asked to review the Red Copper Square Dance Pan – a pan that needs no oil,  is non-stick, defies scratching AND can be used in the oven OR on the stove-top,  I literally jumped (danced?) at the chance.

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Canvas N Decor – Canadian Made Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Canvas N Decor - Canadian Made Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

I love Canvas Prints and I love Calgary. I was born here, raised here, and its home to me. Something I have always wanted for my wall was a Calgary skyline photo, but I’ve never had the extra funds to be able to purchase something that has been professionally framed.  It then occurred to me that the solution could be Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints which would be affordable and still give me the look that I desired. After doing a little research online, Canvas N Decor stood out to me for three reasons: they are Canadian, they have a wide selection of canvas prints and their prices are really affordable!

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Dewalt Tough System Music Player with Charger

DEWALT DWST08810 Tough System Music Player with ChargerThe DeWalt Tough System Music Player with Charger delivers quality sound with battery and phone charging capability along with Bluetooth connectivity .  As with all DeWalt products the music player is built and guaranteed tough.

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Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker


One of the things I love to do when it’s too cold to venture outside is watch movies and nothing goes along with watching movies better than popcorn, especially popcorn made in a Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker. This past week has been so cold in Calgary. Just to walk to check the mail I needed my boots, mittens, scarf, a sweater and a down jacket (and the mail box is a 2 minute walk from my front door). Last week I was still wearing sandals! Winter has definitely arrived, and its arrived full force!

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Metalwork Sculptures by William W. Rockwell

williamrockwell-metalwork-tank-1You may recall William Rockwell‘s name as just a short while ago I had the awesome pleasure of reviewing his leather work. Remember the fairy mask? Well, there is so much more to the mind of this talented man. His metalwork is creativity personified.



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Clever Cutter: A Unique Gift for the Cook


Clever Cutter is a 2-in-1 knife & cutting board that is designed with an ergonomic power pressure handle for chopping your favorite foods quickly, easily, and safely.  With its premium blade and extra wide mouth, the Clever Cutter is able to cut fruits, vegetables, meats, and more. Best of all its fast and mess free! 

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The Pioneer Woman New Holiday Collection available exclusively at Walmart

pioneer-womean-holiday-collectionAnn Marie “Ree” Drummond is The Pioneer Woman. An American blogger, author, and food writer and businesswomen who has a vast collection of unique and timeless items for the home and more that are available exclusively at Walmart.

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Get Organized this Christmas with Personalized Santa Sacks

santa-sacks-giveawayDo you know there is only 68 more days until Christmas?!!! I know eh! The big day seems to creep up faster each and every year. I try to be prepared but admittedly, sometimes I fall short. Personally, I am a great wrapper of gifts, unlike my hubby and my son who couldn’t wrap a gift to save their lives. I am so glad that I found these Personalized Santa Sacks for a few reasons.

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Introducing the NEW Satin Lamp Box Set by Lampe Berger Paris

lampe-berger-paris-satin-lamp-boxed-setThe Satin Lamp Box Set by Lampe Berger Paris is an elegant addition to my home and would, I’m sure, be the same for yours as well.




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Enviro Fresh-Odor Out & Slurp ‘n Fresh: Earth Conscious Products that Work


Last week my house was a bit of a construction zone. In August, the kid’s bathroom sink over-flowed leaving a big swampy mess that resulted in some damage to the ceiling on the main level.  We had corrugated cardboard taped to the floor, plastic tape over the carpet,  and when they have been working on the ceiling there was plastic sheeting put up to protect the counters/walls etc. The cats were NOT happy, and showed some signs of being stressed out. They really don’t like change, and they didn’t like the furniture being moved, their food bowls being moved, and the workmen in the house.

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