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Dial Advanced Bar Soap with Lather Pockets

Dial Advanced Bar Soap with Lather PocketsI have pretty much steered clear from bar soaps. Other than a homemade soap about a year ago.. I have found, in the past, that they tend to dry my skin out, make my skin uncomfortably tight and not to mention itchy. As a result, I have used nothing but liquid body washes and soaps.

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New Product Watch: Dial Advanced Bar Soap with Lather Pockets

Dial Advanced Bar Soap with Lather PocketsYour bar soap just got an upgrade, and it’s looking really good! Discover a world of indulgent lather with NEW Dial® ADVANCED Bar Soap for a gentle clean. Designed to be moisture-rich and non-drying, to deliver a new level of clean to your skin. NEW Dial® ADVANCED Bar Soap has an ergonomic shape which makes it easy to use, whether you’re the loofah type, wash cloth type or keep-it-simple type of user. Its advanced formula, which contains aloe & vitamin E will leave your skin feeling healthy and soft.

NEW Dial® ADVANCED Bar Soap will be available March 2016 at national retailers including: Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and Loblaws.

Suggested retail price of $8.99 (6-141g bars/pack), $3.29 (2-141g bars/pack).

ExceptionalSheets 900 Gram Egyptian Cotton 2 Piece Bath Towel Set Review #eluxurysupply

eluxurysupply-bathtowelsI have about 100 towels (okay maybe not that many) but I do have a lot. They are all extremely thin by comparison to these amazing towels I received. My old towels don’t absorb water very well, especially the ones I use for my hair. Often, I find myself reaching for another towel to finish drying off. I tell you right now that with these Exceptional towels, I do not have to do that.

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Soapdotclub Fresh Aloe Vera Organic Handmade All Natural Artisan Soap

soapdotclub-Fresh Aloe VeraI have to be honest in saying that as a rule, I do not purchase or use bar soaps. I loathe the scummy residue they tend to leave behind in the bathtub in which I have to constantly clean. Aside from that and to me more importantly, I do not like the way they feel on my skin. I find that my skin gets really dry and it always feels like there is residue left behind that gives me the feeling that I am not clean and want to wash my skin again. It is for this reason that I NEVER use bar soap on my face……until NOW!

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Just’a Drop Personal Bathroom Odor Eliminator

JustADropReview 008I must admit that I was a little less than optimistic before using these products. After all the years of using different sprays, scented oils, candles, and other odor eliminators that simply did not do the job you can understand my lack of belief so to speak.

A little bit personal here but, meh, I have to be honest! I take multiple pills a day for various ailments, 23 pills a day in total. For migraines to sciatica, arthritis to thyroid and irritable bowels. As we all know and can attest if you have taken medications for a while, especially a cocktail as I am, you will know that they can cause fowl odors in your urine and stool. I know the personal embarrassment as there have been many a day and time when I would cringe having to use a bathroom other than my very own. Heaven forbid if someone had to use the facilities right after me!!! *smacking cheeks in a Home Alone moment*

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