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Sparkhead Kids Bedding, Cushion & More

SparkhadKids-Logo Sparkhead Kids is an illustration, animation and design studio in Toronto, Canada. A husband and wife team working side by side who LOVE what they do.

Crafting fascinating designs is more than what we do, it’s who we are. We combine our individual specialties to produce intelligent and thoughtfully chosen artwork, always believing what we do can make the world a better place.

Our products stand out for their memorable design with enchanting locations that evoke a positive emotional response about our environment. We select fabulous fabrics that are breathable, washable and will keep for years to come.

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Priva Hospital Bed Jersey Knit Sheet Set

Priva-TopSheet-2For years I had struggled with bedding and trying to find a set that would fit my moms hospital bed mattress.. If you have or have had a loved one living at home and sleeping in a hospital bed I am certain you can relate. The money I had spent on countless twin or slightly over-sized bedding is more than I can count or recall. The fact of the matter is and one that we all must come to terms with is regular bedding just will NOT fit a standard hospital bed mattress.

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