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Your True Companion Pet Products Chicken Breast

Your True Companion Pet Products
True Raw Choice Dehydrated Chicken Breast for Dogs & Cats

Your True Companion Pet Products Dehydrated Chicken Breast

Simple ingredients are what we look for in treats for our baby girl Tracker. Your True Companion Pet Products (a Canadian business) has a wide variety of premium quality food and treats for not only dogs but cats as well.

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Keep Pet Odors and Stains at Bay with EnviroFresh NEW Stain and Odor Out

tracker-envirofreshEnviroFresh has a new product available to fur parents. It’s called Stain and Odor Out. I have to say, as with all of the EnviroFresh products that Tracker and I have tested, I was really pleased.






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Reliq Mineral Spa Shampoo, Botanical Mist and Light Activated Odor Eliminator

simplicity-natural-pet-solutions-logoSimplicity Natural Solutions is a wholesale company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They are committed to sourcing and offering the best products for pets and pet owners.

Through Simplicity Natural Solutions, I learned about Reliq pet products. Their products are made from nano-enhanced volcano minerals. Just as I was, right about now, you may be asking yourself, what exactly are nano-enhanced volcano minerals? Come on in and let Tracker tell you all about it.

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Enviro Fresh-Odor Out & Slurp ‘n Fresh: Earth Conscious Products that Work


Last week my house was a bit of a construction zone. In August, the kid’s bathroom sink over-flowed leaving a big swampy mess that resulted in some damage to the ceiling on the main level.  We had corrugated cardboard taped to the floor, plastic tape over the carpet,  and when they have been working on the ceiling there was plastic sheeting put up to protect the counters/walls etc. The cats were NOT happy, and showed some signs of being stressed out. They really don’t like change, and they didn’t like the furniture being moved, their food bowls being moved, and the workmen in the house.

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EnviroFresh Earth Friendly & Pet Safe Fabric Refresher & Pet Spritzes

EnviroFresh-LogoI have been a fan of EnviroFresh products since I first tried them way back in 2015. Their products are never tested on animals, which makes me love them even more.


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Nutrience Grain Free Dry Food Cabin Chews and Crunchy Biscuits for Dogs and Cats

Nutrience LogoWhen it comes to nutrition and my furbabies, I feed them nothing but natural and wholesome foods that will keep them healthy throughout their lives. Nutrience is the choice of my extended family members.

The scent, great taste and excellent natural ingredients are what keep them coming back for more.

Just as I would check the ingredients of what I would consume is the same that I do for my pets. When investigating the ingredients of what is inside Nutrience products, you will find there are no additives, preservatives, colours or by products. Basically and quite literally No Bad Anything. The main ingredients are meat!!! Protein, vitamins and minerals along with natural ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible is what makes Nutrience the pet food of choice in our home.

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EnviroFresh Odor Out Skunk Odor Eliminator

pepe le pewOhhhhhh the joys of summer. The warm breezes, sun shining and with that comes more time spent outdoors. If you are like me, you spend as much time as you can soaking up those glorious rays. Whether it be gardening, camping or just taking a long hike in the woods. Part of these outdoor adventures can include taking extended family members along.

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EnviroFresh Slurp ‘n Fresh Oral Hygiene Solution

EnviroFresh-SlurpnFreshTo be quite honest, I had never heard of the company or product prior to my winning the contest. For me that was a win win as I am always seeking out companies and products and entering contests has been an excellent way for me to become familiar with brands that I have been unaware of.

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PureBites Pure Healthy Treats for Dogs and Cats

PureBites-Logo PureBites Wild Pacific Salmon for Cats is 100% Pure and Natural Pacific Ocean WILD SOCKEYE SALMON. Freeze Dried RAW to lock in nutrients and flavour, easy to digest and with no preservatives, excellent source of Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids I knew these would be a healthy treat to give to my furbabies.

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Petcurean For Your Fit + Free Feline who is always on the GO

Petcurean-FitnFree-Go 002I must be so out of the loop when it comes to purchasing and finding the right food for my fur babies. In the past, or actually rather recently, I had absolutely no idea that there was a food for ALL of my cats. From kittens, young adults to seniors alike and in the same bag!

I have found it extremely difficult in choosing a brand of cat food that would have been great to give ALL my cats. Instead, I found myself buying 3 or 4 different foods due to the fact that I had kittens, young adults and seniors. Try keeping the kittens away from the adult food and the adults away from the kitten food and the seniors away from it all! Heaven forbid if I had a pregnant female, I was always at a loss and always told to feed her kitten food. At least then I had a 2 for 1 option. It was driving me crazy. I had always said to myself that “I wish SOMEONE would come out with a food for ALL my felines no matter what age they were.

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