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Slobbers Organic Bakin’ Dog Treats

Slobbers Tender Treats - BakinIf you have yet to hear about Slobbers, they are located in Smithville, Ontario CANADA. The Family owned and operated business provides Canadians and their fur babies with good wholesome treats!! Nothing but the best for our pets!! It all started with their Boxer named Jaxon.

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Nutrience Grain Free Dry Food Cabin Chews and Crunchy Biscuits for Dogs and Cats

Nutrience LogoWhen it comes to nutrition and my furbabies, I feed them nothing but natural and wholesome foods that will keep them healthy throughout their lives. Nutrience is the choice of my extended family members.

The scent, great taste and excellent natural ingredients are what keep them coming back for more.

Just as I would check the ingredients of what I would consume is the same that I do for my pets. When investigating the ingredients of what is inside Nutrience products, you will find there are no additives, preservatives, colours or by products. Basically and quite literally No Bad Anything. The main ingredients are meat!!! Protein, vitamins and minerals along with natural ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible is what makes Nutrience the pet food of choice in our home.

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EnviroFresh Odor Out Skunk Odor Eliminator

pepe le pewOhhhhhh the joys of summer. The warm breezes, sun shining and with that comes more time spent outdoors. If you are like me, you spend as much time as you can soaking up those glorious rays. Whether it be gardening, camping or just taking a long hike in the woods. Part of these outdoor adventures can include taking extended family members along.

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Apple Melon Designs Pawsitively Purrfect Fun & Functional Pet Tags #PetRescue

Apple Melon Design - ArtworkThe amazing mompreneur behind Apple Melon Designs is a mom of 2 boys, a 10 year old smarty pants and a sweet 19 year old with special needs. Her husband is a Saint – always skeptical of her “crazy ideas” and then impressed by how incredible things usually turn out. She is owned by 2 dogs. Biggie is a Puggle that she rescued from a horrible fate in Oshawa and Frank is a Brussels Griffon and their newest family member adopted from the Durham Humane Society. She has lived in Durham region for almost 15 years now and has lived in each of the municipalities but have settled and love Bowmanville the most.

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EnviroFresh Slurp ‘n Fresh Oral Hygiene Solution

EnviroFresh-SlurpnFreshTo be quite honest, I had never heard of the company or product prior to my winning the contest. For me that was a win win as I am always seeking out companies and products and entering contests has been an excellent way for me to become familiar with brands that I have been unaware of.

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Misfits: Quirky Jerky, Wonky Chomp and Scruffy Bites Dog Treats

Misfits-DogTreats-BannerI had not known that Misfits Dog Treats are one of the products owned by Mars Canada Inc. I was given the opportunity to review a few of the products and flavours.

Mmmmmmmm Misfits! That is what my dog Tracker said when she sampled these treats.

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Northern Biscuit Bakery Delectable Dog Treats

NorthernBiscuits 001Northern Biscuit Bakery, located in Concord OntarioCanada, has been proving Canadians with high quality, natural dog biscuits using fresh, food grade meats and vegetables that are sourced from Canadian growers since 1992.


Some of their products which included Northern Biscuit Bakery’s Liverlicious, Lamb Berry and Pumpkin Pie soft and chewy bites along with Bark! Pumpkin Recipe Dental Chew.

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PureBites Pure Healthy Treats for Dogs and Cats

PureBites-Logo PureBites Wild Pacific Salmon for Cats is 100% Pure and Natural Pacific Ocean WILD SOCKEYE SALMON. Freeze Dried RAW to lock in nutrients and flavour, easy to digest and with no preservatives, excellent source of Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids I knew these would be a healthy treat to give to my furbabies.

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Crumps’ Naturals Small Caledon Family Business Takes Canada and USA by Storm

CrumpsNaturalsCrumps’ Naturals humble beginning began with an idea by Joe and Margot Crump and nothing more than a van, one commercial oven, a refrigerator and a meat slicer. Their garage became their production facility. As anyone who has/had operated their own business knows it takes time and baby steps to build your brand, retain customers and develop products. In the beginning Crumps’ Naturals produced only two products which were sold locally and gaining momentum within their small community of Caledon Ontario Canada . Over time as their business began to grow and expand even more products were born.

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Slobbers Organic Peanut + Jam Dog Treats

Slobbers-PeanutButterandJamThe ingredients that produce these tasty treats are all organic ingredients that are verified by Ecocert Canada which include organic apples, organic carrots, organic bananas, organic buckwheat flour, organic blueberries, organic coconut, organic cinnamon and organic peanut butter. Jam packed (hehe) with fibre, vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals that are an excellent source of defense against cancer among other benefits such as boosting the immune system , healthy digestive tract, maintaining blood pressure, circulation, regulate blood sugar,  liver and heart function and so much more. To read the full listing and the benefits of this product please visit: Ingredients

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