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Messy Mutts Elevated Double Feeder Give the Gift of Pawsome this Christmas


Messy Mutts is a Toronto, Ontario company who knows that having a pet can be messy. Their products are geared towards helping keep the mess to a minimum and making life so much easier for the furry four legged family members and their humans.

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Tog Petwear Officially Licensed NHL and CFL Sweaters, Jerseys Jackets & More

togpetwear-jpg Tog Petwear is a Toronto based company who manufactures, high quality, officially licensed NHL and CFL clothing and accessories for dogs. Their love of pets and passion for sports are what bonded the two together to become Tog Petwear.





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Enviro Fresh-Odor Out & Slurp ‘n Fresh: Earth Conscious Products that Work


Last week my house was a bit of a construction zone. In August, the kid’s bathroom sink over-flowed leaving a big swampy mess that resulted in some damage to the ceiling on the main level.  We had corrugated cardboard taped to the floor, plastic tape over the carpet,  and when they have been working on the ceiling there was plastic sheeting put up to protect the counters/walls etc. The cats were NOT happy, and showed some signs of being stressed out. They really don’t like change, and they didn’t like the furniture being moved, their food bowls being moved, and the workmen in the house.

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EnviroFresh Earth Friendly & Pet Safe Fabric Refresher & Pet Spritzes

EnviroFresh-LogoI have been a fan of EnviroFresh products since I first tried them way back in 2015. Their products are never tested on animals, which makes me love them even more.


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Patpet Professional 330 Yards Remote Pet Training Collar for Dogs

Patpet Professional 330 Yards Remote Pet Training Collar -1Tracker is approximately 2 1/2 years old. She is a rescue dog and in that I am uncertain as to her background. When she is in the house, she is the perfect pet (for me anyhow). She has basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down, bed and come all down pat, that is until we venture outside. She goes after squirrels, raccoons, possums and pretty much any small critter that moves. Birds seem to be one of her favourites. While I can usually get her attention back with a simple voice command, the trouble begins when animals such as rabbits are on the other side of our fence. She begins to bark and point (the perfect lifted paw and tail straight) and stare. Once she is in what I call the “red zone” there is no calling her back. She will do whatever it takes to get at her “prey”. She is a soft mouth and has never killed but she loves the chase. This has included climbing the makeshift chicken wire fencing that our landlord has so inadequately provided. While she does get along with most of the dogs in our little “cottage home” community of about 20, there are others that if they happen to get close, it would be a bloodbath. I always fear for her safety.

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Vastar® Dog Bark Collar

Tracker-Sitting PoseI have to be honest and say that even though I needed something to curb my dogs barking, I was hesitant on trying the collar on her as I didn’t want to hurt her in any way. I have looked for anti-barking devices and most I have seen are ones that you have to press a button on a remote. She has a high pitched bark and whine that can really echo through my head and often times can trigger my migraines. We used to live on a farm on 61 acres. She had the run of the area. She seldom to rarely ever barked. She is a happy go lucky little girl who just loves everyone and other dogs. That was until we recently moved to a much smaller home and we now have neighbours. We are still in the country but now she is confined to roughly an acre and a half. If she sees a rabbit on the other side of the fence she barks because she wants to chase it. The worst of her barking begins when our neighbour (and landlord) walk their 6 German Shepherds past our home (which are all off leash) and if they have litters of puppies they are tagging along as well. Tracker gets along with all the other dogs in our little valley except for these Shepherds. I am always afraid for her safety as you can well imagine.

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Annies Pooch Pops #HappyDogMeal

Annies Pooch Pops 002I was excited to have the opportunity to review these wholesome treats from Annie’s Pooch Pop’s. To be true, I am not sure who was more excited, myself or Tracker!

Tracker loves her job as a product reviewer and takes it quite seriously (most days). She loves the camera and the camera seems to love her, which makes taking photos of her with the products a breeze.

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Slobbers Organic Bakin’ Dog Treats

Slobbers Tender Treats - BakinIf you have yet to hear about Slobbers, they are located in Smithville, Ontario CANADA. The Family owned and operated business provides Canadians and their fur babies with good wholesome treats!! Nothing but the best for our pets!! It all started with their Boxer named Jaxon.

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Nutrience Grain Free Dry Food Cabin Chews and Crunchy Biscuits for Dogs and Cats

Nutrience LogoWhen it comes to nutrition and my furbabies, I feed them nothing but natural and wholesome foods that will keep them healthy throughout their lives. Nutrience is the choice of my extended family members.

The scent, great taste and excellent natural ingredients are what keep them coming back for more.

Just as I would check the ingredients of what I would consume is the same that I do for my pets. When investigating the ingredients of what is inside Nutrience products, you will find there are no additives, preservatives, colours or by products. Basically and quite literally No Bad Anything. The main ingredients are meat!!! Protein, vitamins and minerals along with natural ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible is what makes Nutrience the pet food of choice in our home.

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EnviroFresh Odor Out Skunk Odor Eliminator

pepe le pewOhhhhhh the joys of summer. The warm breezes, sun shining and with that comes more time spent outdoors. If you are like me, you spend as much time as you can soaking up those glorious rays. Whether it be gardening, camping or just taking a long hike in the woods. Part of these outdoor adventures can include taking extended family members along.

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