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One Sweet Box Candy Subscription Service

One Sweet Box
Monthly Candy Subscription Box Delivered Right to Your Door

One Sweet Box Candy Subscription Service

Hello, my name is Christine and I am a candy-o-holic. I have a love affair with candy! While there is a vast selection of treats that can be purchased within Canada, there are so many other products that I’d love to try. Without having to travel to experience the tastes from around the world, it would be great if there was a way to try these scrumptious goodies without having to seek hi and lo and never having to leave home at all. That’s where One Sweet box comes in.

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Hello Fresh – A Mom’s Perspective Cook Off – Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday

Hello Fresh

Speedy recipes, Fresh Ingredients, Flexible Subscription

-The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly-

hello fresh

Hello Fresh: More than Food. Chef-curated recipes based on seasonal farm fresh ingredients, delivered to your doorstep every week.

Summer has officially started! For us, that means we are even busier than we were in the Spring! With no school until September 5th, I’m tasked with trying to keep the kids busy and entertained. Most days (weather permitting of course) will see us out and about during the day, so I will be looking for quick and easy meals to feed my family.

Likewise, Christine will be helping run her hubby’s business and busy with her gardens and Tracker (fur-baby), so she will also be looking for delicious, easy to prepare meals to feed herself and her husband.  She wants her kitchen time to be limited so that she can be outside as much as possible! And who can blame her? Hello, summer!

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Walt Life – Addiction Subscription – It’s a Way of Life!

Walt Life

Addiction Subscription

walt life

A Walt Life Subscription Box guarantees you’ll receive an assortment of delightful goodies from the most Magical place on Earth. Imagine having Disney Magic brought right to your front door every month!

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T•surprise: Monthly Tea Subscription


Monthly Tea Subscription


T•surprise offers a varied selection of teas and infusions delivered directly to you every month for $25 + taxes with free shipping.

T•surprise is a monthly subscription service. Each month you will receive an assortment of 4 to 5 teas and infusions (to make 30 cups of tea), sweets (listed as being yummy and original), and a surprise (a useful accessory to complement your experience). A one month subscription would cost you $28.74 when you work in the taxes.

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Love With Food – June Deluxe Box

Love With Food

Snack Smart. Do Good.

June Deluxe Box Review

For every box sent, Love With Food donates a meal to a hungry child.

love with food

Love With Food is a really cool subscription box that sends you delicious snacks to your door each month. They donate a portion of the proceeds to help fight childhood hunger in the US and around the world. Memberships start as low as $7.99 (for US residents) and $16.50 for International customers.

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Myfunvelope Fairy Tale Fun + Giveaway


Fairy Tale Fun

fairy tale

Each month, myfunvelope will send out an enveloped jam-packed with fun for your child. The monthly subscription will include at least four pre-packaged crafts and activities with easy to follow, kid-friendly instructions. Also included is a fun hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activity.  Everything you need is included, even the glue, markers or crayons and scissors.

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Love With Food: May Gluten Free Box Review

Love With Food

Snack Smart. Do Good.

May Gluten Free Box Review

For every box sent, Love With Food donates a meal to a hungry child.

gluten free

As you may or may not know, I have five sons. We are very lucky that we have no food allergies or sensitivities in my household, but that isn’t the case for everyone. A good friend of mine has daughters who have Celiac Disease, and therefore can not eat any gluten. It is awesome that there are now so many products available for them to eat, including baked goods (because let’s get real: baked good rock).

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Love With Food: May Deluxe Box Review

Love With Food

Snack Smart. Do Good.

May Deluxe Box Review

For every box sent, Love With Food donates a meal to a hungry child.


I have a little secret to share with you. I LOVE subscription boxes. Okay, I know! Not really a secret. The real secret is that deep down I want to be WOWED when I open up a new subscription box. Its a nice bonus if the outside of the box is awesome, such as the bright red Love With Food Boxes. Red is my favourite colour, after all. What I really want, however, is for the excitement to continue even after I open up the box. Love With Food WOWED me.

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Candy Japan: Authentic Japanese Candy Subscription Box


Japanese Candy Monthly Subscription Box

candy japan

Candy Japan is a monthly subscription service that sends out two small candy boxes of authentic Japanese candy and treats each month for $29. Each box includes 3-6 items, and you will receive a box about every two weeks.

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Naked Snacks: Delicious Snacks, Delivered Right to You.

Naked Snacks

80% Wholesome 20% Indulgent 100% Delicious

Naked Snacks: Feed your brain with delicious, unique, good for you snacks!

Explore wholesome indulgence! Enjoy healthy snacking, delivered to your door!

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