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ORB Toys: Morph & Fluffables

Orb Toys

Introducing Morph and Fluffables


The Orb Mission: We believe in the power of creativity to foster a sense of awe, wonder, and self-esteem in kids. We are committed to designing the very best in innovative toys. We know you will have as much fun playing with them as we did inventing them.

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OYO Sports: Bring the NHL Playoffs Home

Canadian Sports Fans Get Ready to Build, Collect and Play

OYO Sports launches in Canada offering fans buildable mini-figures and playsets

oyo sports

I love NHL hockey and The Calgary Flames. The Calgary Flames are one of my favourite things ever, and I love anything and everything that is branded with the Calgary Flames logo, and the kids LOVE building/construction sets. SO, when we were given the opportunity to test out a new NHL Flames branded toy I did not need to even think about it. It was an immediate “HECK YES!”

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BrickHeadz: A New Way to Play & Collect with LEGO

LEGO BrickHeadz

The Joker & Batgirl


We are a LEGO Household. The boys love building and construction sets, and LEGO products are always always ALWAYS at the top of their wish lists. My youngest has just recently started to move away from the LEGO DUPLO sets towards the regular LEGO with the smaller pieces. Ever since we saw The Lego Batman Movie in theatres earlier this year, all Hayden wants is Batman EVERYTHING, especially LEGO. He was very excited to receive Joker and Batgirl construction sets in the mail last week. Although all the boys love LEGO, Hayden is my Batman fan so he called dibs!

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Custom Puzzles from PuzzlePrints

Custom Puzzles from PuzzlePrints

Turn Your Cherished Photo(s) into Interactive Keepsakes


Every year I like to buy something that is personalized with photos of the kids. A custom designed photo book, a calendar, a canvas or gallery style framed photo, a photo blanket, etc. We have a wide variety of items in the house that have been personalized with our favourite photos of the boys, but something we didn’t have was a custom designed puzzle! Puzzlesprints fixed that and now I can include a fun and interactive puzzle onto our games shelf.

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PL-UG: Fort Building made better


PL-UG: Build Your Own Fort


PL-UG Build Your Own Fort Kit: Traditional fort building just got a whole lot better! Attach PL-UG to almost anything around you; walls, furniture, patio doors, even trees. Then start building. Discover the many to build a fort. Make every fort a different adventure.

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Tessellation Mother’s Day Painting Activity

Mother’s Day Painting

Tessellation Mother’s Day Activity

Tessellation mother's day painting

Tessellation Mother’s Day Activity: Create a beautiful paining for Mom while learning about Math, Geometry and Printmaking concepts. The concepts taught in this project are geared towards grade 3 students.

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Imports Dragon: The Grossery Gang Moldy Chips

The Grossery Gang

Your Shoppin’s Gone Rotten!

The Grossery Gang™ are the craziest, zaniest new collectibles with attitude!
Collect, swap and play with the coolest Grossery Gang™ characters around!

the grossery gang

If it’s chewy, gooey with guaranteed spewy then you’ve likely got your hands on a Grossery Gang Series 2 Moldy Chip Pack! Rip one open and see what you find inside! The fun times (and fragrant fumes) never stop when the Grossery Gang’s involved! So come on down to the Yucky Mart to hang with the grossest of gangs and see if you can collect them all!

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Imports Dragon: DC Comics Ooshies

Marvel Ooshies Pencil Toppers


Ooshies: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Hulk unite to form the Avengers with heroes like Spiderman and Wolverine also joining the team to take on the infamous villains of the Marvel Universe. Now you can collect all of your favourite heroes and villains to create your own super hero adventures with the all new Marvel Ooshies. You can harness the power of the Avengers and take your favourite heroes into the class room as the Ooshies are also pencil toppers. Use Iron Man’s genius IQ and Hulk’s raw strength to give that super hero edge with your school work! Collect all of your favourite Marvel heroes including Spider-man, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America and Wolverine as Ooshie pencil toppers. There are 40 to collect including special edition glow in the dark, metallic, translucent and gold plated Ooshies.

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Imports Dragon: Jerome Super Wings Vroom ‘n Zoom!

Super Wings

Super Wings: Jerome Vroom ‘n Zoom!

super wings

Super Wings: Push to REV, release to GO! Watch Vroom ‘n Zoom™ Jerome speed off to his next mission with his Super Wings™ friends. He can even do a super wheelie! No batteries required.

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Imports Dragon: Five Nights at Freddy’s Backstage Construction

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Backstage Construction

five nights at freddy's

Hidden in the bowels of the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Restaurant is the Backstage workshop where animatronics are either fixed with fresh new parts or left to lurk in disrepair. This employee only area features spare animatronic parts, a sitting endoskeleton on a workbench, a spare Freddy Fazbear head, a spare Chica head, a spare Bonnie head and a spare Foxy head. Inhabiting the nightmare inspiring Backstage room, the Withered Chica figure is on the lookout for any endoskeletons without their suits. This set contains approximately 152 pieces and all of the pieces are compatible with other construction brands! The Backstage set can also be displayed together with The Office, Pirate Cove & Show Stage sets to create a bigger Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Restaurant!

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