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Custom Puzzles from PuzzlePrints

Custom Puzzles from PuzzlePrints

Turn Your Cherished Photo(s) into Interactive Keepsakes


Every year I like to buy something that is personalized with photos of the kids. A custom designed photo book, a calendar, a canvas or gallery style framed photo, a photo blanket, etc. We have a wide variety of items in the house that have been personalized with our favourite photos of the boys, but something we didn’t have was a custom designed puzzle! Puzzlesprints fixed that and now I can include a fun and interactive puzzle onto our games shelf.

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How You Can Help Canadian Flood Victims

The FLOOD of 2017
Springtime Thaws & Rain Bring More than Just Flowers
Canadian Cities & Towns in a State of Emergency

Canadian Flood Victims

Days of consistent and heavy rains have placed many cities and towns into a state of emergency. Canadian Flood Victims need our help. I, like many others have friends and family in the areas affected. Here’s how we can help.

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My Worst Fear: Importance of Seat Belt Safety

A Mother’s Worst Fear and the Importance of Seat Belt Safety
“You Just Know Something Is Wrong But Can’t Explain It”

Seat Belt Safety A Mother's Worst Fear

This is my worst fear as a mother. Ever since my son got this driver’s license I have had visions, dreams and nightmares about him getting into a serious car accident. Last night, my fears became a reality. I, along with my son want to scream out to the world about seat belt safety and how important it is to wear one at all times. My son did and it saved his life.

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Your True Companion Pet Products Chicken Breast

Your True Companion Pet Products
True Raw Choice Dehydrated Chicken Breast for Dogs & Cats

Your True Companion Pet Products Dehydrated Chicken Breast

Simple ingredients are what we look for in treats for our baby girl Tracker. Your True Companion Pet Products (a Canadian business) has a wide variety of premium quality food and treats for not only dogs but cats as well.

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Gross Goop: Rainy Day Crafts

Gross Goop

A Fun Sick-Day (or Rainy-Day) Activity

gross goop

Making your own goop at home is super easy. All you need is cornstarch and water (and food colouring if you want to add colour).

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The Sock Panda: Panda Pals

Panda Pals

The Fun & Useful Subscription Box For Kids

panda pals

Fun mail is the best, and the kids get REALLY excited when the fun mail is for them. Hayden LOVES Panda Pals, and he enjoys the fun socks and the additional fun activities that are included. Kids ALWAYS need socks (you can never have enough) and kids also crave anything fun. With Panda Pals you get both: useful AND fun!

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Easy Three Ingredient Fruit Smoothies

Easy Three Ingredient Fruit Smoothies


I love smoothies, and I love going out to certain smoothie joints and ordering their yummy smoothies BUT smoothies do not have to be complicated and full of 18 different ingredients to be delicious and nutritious. With just THREE simple ingredients (yes THREE) you can have the perfect smoothie at home every time.

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Little Passports World Art – Early Explorers: Month Three

Little Passports World Art

Month Three (of Three)

little passports

Little Passports is a monthly education-based subscription service for kids, designed to teach kids about the different countries in the world. 

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First Communion: Celebrate with Precious Moments

Precious Moments

Celebrating First Communion

first communion

Precious Moments has been creating gifts that celebrate caring, sharing, faith and love for almost 40 years. For spring 2017, Precious Moments is debuting three beautiful First Communion gifts that are guaranteed to become lifelong treasured keepsakes celebrating this special moment of Faith.

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Homes Alive Pet Products for Dogs + More

Homes Alive Pet 
A Vast Variety of Products for Dogs, Cats & More

Homes Alive Pet Products Pet Categories

Homes Alive Pet is a Canadian company which carries a variety of products for dogs, cats and birds to reptiles and fish. There are many brands we have grown to love and ones that I have yet to discover.

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