PrimeCablesXtremeHDTVScreenCleaner 001I was so impressed with the product that I had contacted Prime Cables located in Lachine, Quebec, CANADA.  The customer service of Prime Cables is TOP NOTCH!!. The gentleman with whom I was speaking was very courteous,helpful and such a pleasure to deal with. Questions, queries and emails are answered rapidly.

Since I had used all my Multipurpose Cleaner they were more than willing and happy to send me another for the purposes of conducting this review. I received my package containing my sample very quickly and in more than a timely manner. I could not wait open the package and begin dusting and cleaning.

As most of you may know by now, I live on a farm. The dust and dirt that collects on furniture and especially electronics in unforgiving. In the past, I have spent many minutes, multiple times a day, to get rid of the dust that collects in this trap which I call home!! I am allergic to dust and so I have become somewhat of an OCD when it comes to cleaning. I cannot tell you how much money I have spent on various cleaners and make yourself at home remedies for keeping the dust and dirt at bay.

I found my salvation in Prime Cables Multipurpose cleaning kit.

All it takes is just 1 -2 (max) sprays on the soft micro fiber cleaning cloth provided with the kit and dust be gone!! I was amazed at how much it repelled the dust. Gone are my days of never ending dusting. I can let things be for at least a few days without having to walk by the TV and cringe. I not only use this on my TV,s but also on my computer screens, speakers, cameras and cell phone as well.

Not only does the Multipurpose Cleaning Kit remove and repel dust with ease, it also removes fingerprints!!! and does an excellent job I might add. This might be gross to some but it is after all something we all have in our household, especially in the summer. The amount of fly poop on the TV and my computer screens are just horrid in the summer. I may have more flies than the average since I do live on a farm with multiple animals and it sort of comes with the territory. The Multipurpose cleanerremoves those little brown dung piles leaving no trace of them ever being there and does it quickly and easily without no scrubbing or elbow grease whatsoever.

Where can I buy this amazing product and how much does it cost you ask?

Prime Cables Multipurpose Deluxe Cleaning Kit can be purchase online here: HERE

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