TimBrMart-NationalBuyingShow-2015-BannerThe House that TIM-BR MART Built: More than Just Timber, Made for Entrepreneurs.

On February 21st 2015, I had the awesome chance to attend the TIM-BR MART Group’sNational Buying Show which was held in the spacious Toronto Congress Centre.

OH the Weather Outside was Frightful, but the Conversation was so Delightful

As I walked through the corridors, I could not believe my eyes. The booths seemed to go on for miles. There were so many vendors, over 200, and I was really surprised by the number of companies that I was familiar with.

It was a nasty, snowy day outside! I was amazed at how many attended the show considering how horrible the weather was. All taken into consideration, the show was a HUGE Success. I had taken advantage of every moment I was given. It was a wonderful atmosphere to meet and speak with many of the company representatives and TIM-BR MART members who were in attendance.

TimBr Mart 2015 019

Featured: Bruce Peck: TIM-BR MART National Merchandising Manager and myself.: Christine Topley: A Mom’s Perspective. Bruce couldn’t resist proudly displaying his tube of Tu-Bees Gourmet Honey!


TimBr Mart 2015 034

Featured: Al Bruce: TIM-BR MART Sales Support Specialist, Ontario. It took me a bit of convincing but I was able to get Mr. Al Bruce to pose for me. Once I told him that Bruce Peck had agreed he was all smiles and ready for his close-up!


TimBr Mart 2015 023

Featured: Dave Dingwall: TIM-BR MART Regional Director of Member Services, Atlantic Canada and Dan Monaghan: IMT Enterprises ~ After meeting and speaking with Mr. Dave Dingwall, I couldn’t help but ask him to pose for a portrait to which he asked Dan to be in the photo with him.


It Wouldn’t be a Show without the Vendors.

Salton Small Kitchen Appliances:http://www.salton.com/

TimBr Mart 2015 020

Featured: Nancy Diener: National Account Manager. We had a lengthy and wonderful chat. It was a pleasure meeting Nancy.


TASK-TOOLS: http://www.task-tools.com/

TimBr Mart 2015 025

While speaking with Task-Tools Chris Waldner: Director, Marketing & Product Management, I became very educated about this Canadian Company.

3M Canada: http://www.3mcanada.ca/3M/en_CA/country-ca/

TimBr Mart 2015 029

I do not think there is a home that does not have at least one product that 3M Canada manufactures. It was a great experience speaking with the representatives.


OWENS CORNING: http://insulation.owenscorning.ca/index.aspx

TimBr Mart 2015 045

The booth is unmistakable and stood out in the crowd. The Pink Panther with pink insulation, I knew it was Owens Corning!! I wanted that stuffed Pink Panther so badly! -lol-


Comfort is a Key Ingredient

TimBr Mart 2015 032

I have been to many trade shows but I have to admit this is the first one that I have seen offering so much comfort. There were seating areas everywhere you looked. I absolutely loved it! It is such a nice gesture to be able to talk business or just have a discussion in comfort. It makes for a truly relaxed atmosphere.


Attending the TIM-BR MART Group National Buying Show 2015 was a learning experience for me. I knew that TIM-BR MART was a store that sold building materials but what I did not know was what went on behind the scenes and the many charitable things that TIM-BR MART does for Canadians.

Meet the SharpShooter.
TIM-BR MART’s inflatable Electronic Hockey Net Rental for Dealers.
Notice the Hockey Canada logo which is predominately displayed.

TimBr Mart 2015 039

TIM-BR MART is a Proud Sponsor of Hockey Canada

Featured in the video Above: Dave Todd: TIM-BR MART Senior Business Development Agent, Ontario taking a moment to show off his talent.

TimBr Mart 2015 036As I was walking along the many aisles and taking in all that was before me, I happened to glance over and I saw this sign with a cute little TimbrKids logo.

Timbrkids is TIMBER MART’s national children’s charitable foundation. It is their way of giving back to the communities across Canada where not only they conduct business throughout the many locations that Tim-Br Mart currently has in operation but where the families of employees and customers alike reside. TIM-BR MART has strong family values which is why Timbrkids is 100% focused on improving the lives of children.”

TIM-BR MART Group has been in operation since 1967!! It is one of the largest buying group for independent retailers across Canada. TIM-BR MART is a member-owned organization who is there to serve and supply building material and hardware retailers, commercial dealers and manufacturers.

The TIM-BR MART Group’s sole purpose is to help Canadian entrepreneurs involved in the sale of building materials and hardware be more profitable.

At TIM-BR MART…..”You can do anything” because “We Make It Happen”

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