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Advent Calendars

14681779_10153988352286732_4717050658624035016_nI always get the boys Advent Calendars to count down the days in December. Its a tradition that they look forward to each year. Traditionally I’ve always just bought the inexpensive chocolate ones, and I’m sure I’ll buy them each one of those once I see them in the store.  This year, I also wanted to get them each one of the toy Advent Calendars that I keep seeing at Toys R Us (and Walmart, and Chapters, and pretty much everywhere that toys are sold).


There are so many amazing choices this year from Lego, Play-Doh, and Crayola to V-Tech Smart Wheels and Fisher Price Little People. It was a really hard decision, but I bought Thomas a Lego City Advent Calendar, and Kristopher and Hayden will each get a Play-Doh one.

The Lego Calendar looks especially fun with lots of mini figures, including Santa, and the inside even has a little scenery play board for extra fun. The Play-Doh comes with 5 small jars of Play-Doh plus 24 windows with fun Play-Doh accessories. I really wanted a Crayola Advent Calendar as well, but Toys R Us was all sold out, and its actually better if Kristopher and Hayden have the same one. It helps prevent fighting.

14716299_10153988352241732_2898775793993543781_n 14572369_10153988352266732_4471912570882322869_n

Toys R Us had so many really fun Advent Calendars when I went shopping that it was really hard to choose which ones I was going to get the boys! Calendars I saw included Barbie, several different Lego Calendars, Playmobil, Little People and VTech Smart Wheels. Currently Toys R Us has 16 different Advent Calendars for sale online so there is something there for everyone!

little-people starwars crayola smart-wheels barbie playmobil

Last year I had my very own Advent Calendar from Starbucks. It included 25 Christmas ornament balls filled with chocolates and peppermint bark,  and a $5 Starbucks gift card! It was a fun way for me to countdown the days until Christmas, and the balls looked really pretty on the Christmas tree too. My 19 year old was so jealous that I went and bought him one too so that he could join in the chocolate counting fun!


I can’t wait for December 1st so that we can start our Christmas countdown with these fun calendars! How do you count down the days leading up to Christmas?  Do you have a favourite Advent Calendar, or one that you’d love to try out?



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  1. AD

    I love that there are so many interesting and unique Advent Calendars these days; something to fit everyone’s personality, hobbies and interests. I recently saw a Beer Advent Calendar which looks awesome; you try a different beer every day!

    • amomsperspective


      A BEER advent calendar? My husband and oldest son would LOVE that one lol ~Andrea

  2. Leslie Crosbie

    WOW It is crazy all the cool things you can buy now, even Advent Calendars are getting super elaborate!

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