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Big Chief Meat Snacks

Big Chief Beef Jerky-OringalIf it was the last food group on the planet, I would be a happy camper. I love taking it with me in the car for long travels (or even short ones). I always have some with me when I go for long walks and hikes. It is a must have (for me) when I go fishing and hiking.
Big Chief Meat Snacks has a long lasting flavour and the jerky can be chewed for quite some time. This, to me is a great thing! I love jerky that lasts as it can curb the hunger when I am unable to run to the kitchen for a bite to eat. It’s a perfectly packaged portable protein.

Big Chief Meat Snacks is Family Owned and Operated from Calgary, Alberta!!

The Big Chief Brand!

The Founder, William Klein was known as “The Big Chief” to his customers in Calgary. This nickname paired with the association of beef jerky created by the Indigenous people gave birth to the brand Big Chief and the company called Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. Although their heritage is European, the Indigenous people are credited as those who first invented jerky, with the word “jerky” derived from the Quechua word “ch’arki” which means dried, salted meat. As proud Canadians they want to recognize and celebrate our multicultural country, especially the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples, which are the three groups the Canadian Constitution recognizes as Indigenous peoples. Fusing both their family and company history with the Indigenous product history resulted in the Big Chief brand name, Big Chief logo, and their signature orange and purple colours!

Big Chief Beef Jerky


Commitment to the Earth and the Enviromment!
Big Chief Meat Snacks tries it’s best to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Based on the tons of Cascades 100% recycled Mississauga Linerboard we use compared to other virgin fiber products, Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. saves over 250 trees, 565,000L water, 10,000kg waste, 300GJ energy, 35,000kg CO2 emissions, and 85kg NOx emissions each year!
See Cascades Eco calculator
Based on the Norampac 100% recycled Conquest Boxboard products we use compared to other virgin fiber products, Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. saves over 650 trees, 3,000,000L water, 28,000kg waste, 380GJ energy, 95,000kg of CO2, and 280kg NOx each year!
See Norampac Eco calculator
In addition to using recycled paper in our office, we have also moved to a paperless billing and invoice system utilizing email rather than traditional mail to reduce paper waste.
Read more about Big Chief Meat Snacks Sustainable & Green Activities HERE

Giving Back to the Community!
Big Chief Meat Snacks are proud sponsors and supporters of many organizations in Calgary and across Canada!!
Including but not limited to the Calgary Flames, Jesse Lumsden (Team Canada Olympian, Bobsled)  & Our Canadian Troops


 Big Chief Meat Snacks - Troops

Big Chief Beef Jerky-Oringal (1)

I must say that the Original Beef Jerky was my fav! Don’t get me wrong, I do like other flavours but somehow the Original just draws me in! While you may find the jerky a little “greasy” while handling it as opposed to a really dry jerky, I happen to like it. The flavours just burst over the taste buds and the mouth begins to water.


Teryiki: I would have to say that this is my 2nd loved Beef Jerky. I have always liked the extra flavour that the Teryaki adds to the meat. This taste is not overbearing as I have experienced with other beef jerkys.


Big Chief Meat Snacks - Cheese in the Middle

Original Beef ’N Cheez: Now this one was interesting as it had cheese injected into the center. It was good and oh so different from what I am used to. Very moist and tender and full of flavour.


Jalepeno Beef n Cheese: Now if you like Jalepeno’s and you like cheese you will like this flavour, it’s a must try! It was a little hot for my liking (I don’t do hot very well – heck sometimes mild can be too hot for me -lol)


Hot Beef Stick: Flames a flowin’ across your palette akin to lava over a volcano (yeah – I’m a wuss!! I can’t handle the hot stuff) All aside, if you like it hot, this would be the jerky for you!


Big Chief Beef Jerky is made from 100% Canadian Beef that is chopped and then formed into various sizes and shapes. This is what I believe gives the jerky it’s long lasting chew!



Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Big Chief Meat Snacks for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.




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  1. Leslie Crosbie

    I love Jerky but usually buy a different brand.
    Next time I am buying Big Chief because I want to support Family-owned Canada businesses!

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