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BLACK + DECKER 12 Volt Auto Flex Vacuum

BLACK + DECKER Auto Flex VacuumWinter is a messy time of year. Snow, salt, sand and debris can make a vehicle messy in no time. It’s not the best time of year to be cleaning a vehicle, especially when having to run an extension cord from the home and using a bulky vacuum cleaner or even worse is having to go to a car center and use one of those pay for vacuums. Not fun at the best of times but worse if you have kids in tow. Who wants to be out in the cold longer than they have to?! It would also be really nice to be able to close the car/truck doors completely to keep the winter wind at bay. That’s where the BLACK + DECKER 12 Volt Auto Flex Vacuum comes in.


The BLACK + DECKER 12 Volt Auto Flex Vacuum is small and compact which make it lightweight, easy to carry and maneuver.

The hose and nozzle that surrounds the vacuum can be easily detached.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Easy Disassemble

When extended the hose has a reach of up to 4 feet. This makes cleaning under car/truck seats manageable.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Easy Disassemble 1

Once finished, the hose can be placed back into it’s original position very quickly and easily.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Easy Assembly

What makes the BLACK + DECKER 12 Volt Auto Flex Vacuum a dream to use in a vehicle is the 12 volt adapter. It fits into the cigarette lighter in older vehicles or the power source for newer cars/trucks.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum 12 Volt Adaptor

There are two attachments that come with the vacuum. One is for cleaning seats, carpets and the harder to reach and clean areas like under the seats. It’s easily attached to the nozzle with just a quick click of a button.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Attachment 1

This is not fixed into any position which makes using it a dream.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Attachment 1a

It can be placed into different positions which makes reaching into those hard to reach places so much easier. Instead of becoming a contortionist and trying to turn your hand and arm like Stretch Armstrong to get into a certain area, simply adjust the attachment. So much easier!

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Attachment 1b

The second attachment is used for areas such as the dashboard and car/truck consoles where a little more tender loving care is needed.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Attachment 2

As you can see, the brush head can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Attachment 2a

If you require a broader width to clean the carpeting and seats, simply turn the brush head completely back.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Attachment 2b

What I love about this unit is how easily it is to take apart and clean. With the press of a button and the turn of the side, it comes apart.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Filter Cleaning 1

The filter can then be quite easily removed. To clean it simply tap the filter to remove dust and debris or you can wash it gently using warm soap and water.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Filter Cleaning 2

Make sure the filter is completely dry before placing it back into the vacuum.

Black + Decker Auto Flex Vacuum Filter Cleaning 2a

The BLACK + DECKER 12 Volt Auto Flex Vacuum can operate up to 30 minutes without affecting a vehicles battery when/if that battery is normally charged and operating efficiently.

It was a gloomy and really cold day when my son and I ventured outside to take a video of the vacuum in use. It didn’t help that his interior of the truck is dark gray and black and hence why the video turned out quite dark. It didn’t seem that dark while taking the video. Nonetheless, I wanted to show how easily the vacuum can be used to clean up winter messes and everyday mishaps.

The vacuum isn’t that loud, surprisingly. The video amplified the sounds as if it is a loud screeching apparatus but it really isn’t.

When the weather turns and begins to warm and the sun shines brightly upon us, I will be taking another video and edit this post so I can show you just how well the vacuum works.

My son is a fanatic about keeping his vehicles clean. He vacuums at least once a day! His Mustangs are his babies and he treats them as such. They are currently put away for the winter and so now he uses his truck, which he treats just the same.

What he loved about the vacuum was how compact it was and how easily maneuverable it was plus the fact that he could keep the vehicle doors closed. He hates the cold just as much as I do! Since the vacuum is so compact, there is more than enough room behind his truck seats or in the trunk of his cars to store the vacuum. This way he will always have it with him to clean any accidental messes while travelling.

We were surprised at just how well the vacuum picked up sand and small pebbles. We both heard them rushing up into the hose. The vacuum did a great job at cleaning dust from the dash and crevasses such as the air vents.

While the BLACK + DECKER 12 Volt Auto Flex Vacuum is great for use in the winter it is also awesome for summer as well. Trips to the beach and outings with the kids can result in messy mishaps. These be easily and quickly cleaned. Sand will not have the opportunity to get meshed into vehicle carpets and popcorn, chips that may have been trampled can be a thing of the past. No more having to wait to get home to vacuum the vehicle.

Canine and feline companions alike will be more than welcomed into the vehicle as well. The vacuum worked great on picking up pet hair.

Do’s and Don’ts
Do NOT operate the vacuum while the vehicle is running. This may/can shorten the life of the vacuum.

As with any new product, familiarize yourself with the correct operation and always refer to the user manual.

Purchase the BLACK + DECKER 12 Volt Auto Flex Vacuum on Amazon.ca!!

Also available for purchase at Home Hardware and various other retailers. Visit Black and Decker’s where to purchase on their website: http://www.blackanddecker.ca/en-ca/support/where-to-buy?productsku=BDH1200FVAV

Black and Decker is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Visit and follow on their social media channels to stay up to date on the latest and greatest. PLUS, you never know when they just may be holding a giveaway or two.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Black & Decker for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.

~ Christine


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  1. Rob U

    No secret…I like to vacuum…the repair shop knows my middle name 😊…and I like a clean car…so you got me there too 🤗…gonna check this out…thanks for the great review

  2. LeslieC

    I hate to admit it but I am a car slob….part of the problem is that something always spills when you have kids but inless you are willing or able to run to the car wash every time…it adds up!!

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