Blast Box from Zing

A new exciting game with a bang.

blast box

Approach with caution! Blast Box from Zing is a new balloon explosion game that combines both suspense and strategy for an unpredictable “burst” of fun!

Out of all my boys, it was Thomas who was most excited when Blast Box arrived in the mail. He instantly claimed it as his. Because Thomas spends a great deal of his spare time on YouTube, he was already familiar with the game, the rules, and how to play. Play is fairly straight forward and uncomplicated – which is a really important deciding factor for me when choosing games for the kids. They can get frustrated with complicated rules, so games with simple rules make the most sense for us.

blast box

Blast Box comes with 1 Blast Box, 1 hammer, 100 balloons, 1 balloon pump, 30 plastic pin, 1 spinner and 20 easy tie balloon clips.

Thomas’ “unboxing” video:


To start, you blow up one balloon for each player using the included balloon pump.

Next, you tuck the balloons under the box.

Players then use the spinner (or the free Blast Box app, available on iOS and Android and loaded with fun trivia questions) to determine how many pins need to be hammered into the box.

You must choose your pin placement carefully because if you don’t,  one of the balloons will POP and you will be blasted out of the game!

The player who is able to successfully avoid popping any balloons is the winner.

My son decided he wanted to do a video review, so here is Thomas’ review:

Hayden also took a turn at playing, and his favourite part was the balloons (and the noise the balloons made when they popped). Don’t mind the eye patch, we’re working on some eye therapy to strengthen a weak eye!

blast box blast boxblast box

Blast Box is available in the USA at and In Canada, Blast Box is available at Mastermind Toys.

MSRP: US $19.99/CAN $25

Blast Box


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