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Bruschetta Minute Steaks – Weeknight Dinner #Recipe

Easy Weeknight Dinner

bruschetta minute steaks

I love minute steaks, but I have a really hard time finding them. I used to find them years ago at Safeway every time I went grocery shopping, but I have not seen them in a really long time.

The other day we were at a different Safeway than usual (because we were in a different area of Calgary for a doctor’s appointment) and I figured I might as well check (because I always check) and I was delighted to find several packages of minute steak in their meat section. I knew exactly what I was going to make with them, too! Bruschetta Minute Steaks, one of my favourite meals. I already had all the ingredients I needed at home except for a box of stuffing mix, so I grabbed one while I was out.

Bruschetta Minute Steaks

I found this recipe in one of my Kraft What’s Cooking magazines that used to be delivered several times a year. I still have a few of these magazines that I have kept, and I miss receiving them quarterly.

bruschetta minute steaks

I used to make this recipe for my oldest when he was little, so it was probably 15 years ago or so that I first saw it.

Bruschetta Minute Steaks Recipe

Serves 3-4

You can find the original recipe here.  When I can’t find minute steaks (which is almost always) I’ve made this using boneless chicken breast and just adjusted the cooking time accordingly. And yes, I use store brand products instead of the brand name. I’m on a budget!


Bruschetta Minute Steaks


  • 1 package of boxed stuffing mix
  • 1 or 2 large tomatoes, chopped (I only used 1)
  • 1/2  large bell pepper, finely chopped (any colour will do, but it looks nicer to use something other than red to contrast with the tomato)
  • 1/4 cup Zesty Italian Salad Dressing
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 4 boneless beef minute steaks
  • 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese


  • Prepare the stuffing according to the directions on the box
    Bruschetta Minute Steaks
  • Combine the tomatoes, peppers and salad dressing
    Bruschetta Minute Steaks
  • Season the steaks lightly with onion powder, garlic powder, and black pepper
    Bruschetta minute steaks
  • In a large fry-pan (with lid), heat oil. Add the steaks and cook until lightly browned on both sides
    Bruschetta Minute Steaks
  • Top each steak with the vegetable mixture, then the stuffing, and finally the cheese
    Bruschetta Minute Steaks
    Bruschetta Minute Steaks
    Bruschetta Minute Steaks
  • Cover, and simmer on medium-low heat for about 5 minutes or until the steak is cooked through and the cheese has melted

I served with boiled potatoes and carrots, and sautéed mushrooms and green pepper. There was extra tomatoes and pepper left over (Thomas didn’t want that on his minute steak) so I served that on the side as well.

Bruschetta Minute Steaks

The minute steaks were almost $15, so the total cost for dinner was about $22 (which is higher than my usual dinner budget of $15 or less).

For more Kraft What’s Cooking recipes, you can visit Kraft Canada here. Happy cooking!


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  1. This does look like an easy dinner.

  2. John Smith

    The addition of cheese and stuffing is genius!

  3. Looks easy and tasty!
    yvie recently posted…Life’s a Beach (Giveaway Hop)My Profile

  4. Ooh! These look super good 🙂
    Edye recently posted…5 Prayers For The FutureMy Profile

  5. Katy

    This looks awesome! I’m always looking for new weeknight dinners for the family and I’ll definitely try this. My mom made minute steaks for us at least once a week when we were growing up and I always loved them. I just start d finding them in my grocery store again. Yay!

  6. jan

    Fantastic looking. I have never cooked a minute steak before.

  7. Jessica Cox

    This looks delicious and its still a really good price especially for steak, it looks very gourmet.

  8. Cynthia R

    Wow this looks amazing and healthy. I’ll probably skip the tomato mash but lay on the cheese and bruschetta

  9. Sherry K

    I have not used Minute Steaks before, but your ideas look good.

  10. Margaret Appel

    Here in the south those minute steaks are called Cubed Steak and every grocery around me carries them. I love them, they cook quickly and can be used in a variety of dinner meals. I normally make Southern Fried Steak with them as it makes it’s own gravy. Your dinner really does look easy & tasty! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Laura

    These look so delicious! They’re making me hungry!

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