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BullyMake Subscription Box for Dogs

BullyMake Subscription Box for Dogs
Perfect for the Power Chewing Canine in Your Life

BullyMake Subscription Box Giveaway

Tracker loves treats and she loves toys just as much. We like giving her products that are good for her nutritionally and toys that will incite play as well as relieve stress. The BullyMake Subscription Box for dogs is packed full of delicious treats and quality toys. What’s great is that this monthly surprise box is delivered right to my door.

The BullyMake Subscription Box is a subscription service for dogs. Each month, a box will be delivered right to my door! Tracker and I were excited when our boxed arrived. We received the box for April. I couldn’t wait to open it up to see what it contained. It was packed full of goodies. Tracker was sniffing and investigating everything. We couldn’t help but do a little un- boxing video.

I was really pleased at the amount of products that the box contained. I mean it was full! It had some treats and some toys. No rawhide products were inside which I absolutely LOVED!! We do not give our baby girl rawhide – whatsoever! I’m glad to know that BullyMake believes the same way I do, that rawhide is dangerous. Which is why it will never be included in one of their boxes. Soft plush toys are another item that will never be included as they get destroyed too fast – too easily.

Tracker has no known allergies and isn’t sensitive to any food that we are aware of. She was sent some pretty amazing healthy treats.

What will be included inside the monthly boxes are 5-6 premium products total.

  • 2-3 extremely durable toys that last for hours and hours
  • 3-4 treats, chews, and healthy edibles for your dog
  • Specific hand selected goods based on your dog’s weight and allergies

Here’s a close up of what was inside!

These are very hard treats that will take Tracker some time to chew. I love giving her marrow chews. They are great for keeping her teeth clean AND keeps her busy for a long time (if she decides to chew it all in one sitting). They are perfect when I’m busy writing on the blog (hehe) or cleaning or just need her to be somewhat distracted other than being attached at my hip.

BullyMake Subscription Box Marrow Chew

These made with real Salmon training treats are wheat free, soy free, corn free and dairy free. They are in the form of a cute little bone shape.

BullyMake Subscription Box SmartnTasty Chewiez

This BullyMake tough nylon chew is so hard! It’s definitely tough and it will last a very long time, for Tracker anyhow.

BullyMake Subscription Box Tough Nylon Chew

As promised, another quality toy for Tracker to promote good oral health and positive chew habits.

BullyMake Subscription Box BulliBone

More natural goodness! These are natural pork chews made from grass fed pigs.

BullyMake Subscription Box Free Range Oink

Last but not least…a fun multi-pet tug toy! Tracker doesn’t have to share as she has no other canine family members. That said, she loves playing tug and toss with these.

BullyMake Subscription Box Multipet Toy

Getting started and on the way to receiving the BullyMake Subscription Box full of goodies is so easy. Simply choose a plan and answer a few questions such as: “What is your pets weight?” and “Does your pet have any known allergies?”

Once everything is filled out and submitted, the kind folks at BullyMake will hand select products specifically for YOUR pet. pack your subscription box and have it on its way. For residents in the USA, the box will arrive within 2-3 business days. It takes a little longer for Canadian residents and others who reside around the globe.

There are several plans to choose from. Cost per month depends on the plan.

  • 1 month: $39.00 usd
  • 3 months: $36.00/month usd
  • 6 months: $34.00/month usd
  • 12 months: $31.00/month usd

Shipping Rates vary depending upon your location.

  • USA: Free Shipping – always
  • Canada: $8.00/month
  • Global: Depends on destination

What’s great about the BullyMake Subscription box is their passion for pets and customer satisfaction. IF any toy is destroyed within 14 days – let them know! BullyMake will replace it with a toy that’s tougher – 100% Guaranteed!

Premium treats and toys are not inexpensive. I know! – I’ve paid $30 for a toy for Tracker. Was it a pretty penny? Sure was – BUT the quality and longevity of the toy was well worth the cost. Considering the convenience of having the box shipped right to the door and having products that are hand selected, the price isn’t bad at all. Yes – we Canadians have to worry about the dreaded exchange rates so I can understand some concerns about the pricing. That said, the cost of all the items if they were to be purchased individually would make the subscription worth it. Plus…getting to try different products each month that might not have been thought of or even known to exist is a huge plus.

The BullyMake subscription box has the large power chewer in mind. Breeds such as Bull Mastiffs, German Shepherds, and Boxers, however, if you have a dog that loves to chew and toys just do not last as long as they should, perhaps the BullyMake subscription box is for you.  If you have any questions about the BullyMake service please visit their faq section https://bullymake.com/faq/

To purchase a BullyMake Subscription Box visit: https://bullymake.com/

Purchase using our Affiliate link visit: http://bit.ly/2nUAyAR
Note: using this link provides us with a small amount per subscription ordered. It’s what helps us keep the website going AND allows us to sponsor giveaways of our own.

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A Mom’s Perspective has partnered with BullyMake to bring you this opportunity to win ONE(1) BullyMake Subscription box.

BullyMake Subscription Box

Note: Items that are shown may not be the same in the box that you receive.

There will be One(1) Winner

Eligibility: Canada, USA, UK and Australia Residents  18+

End Date: May 17th 2017

Please note:
All Mandatory entries must be done for the extra (optional) entries to count.
ALL entries are checked and will be validated.
Winner(s) will be randomly selected using the Giveaway Tools random selector and notified via email.

Good Luck!

For Full Rules, please see our Giveaway Rules under the Policies & Terms tab found here.

Disclosure: This giveaway is hosted by A Mom’s Perspective and sponsored by BullyMake.  A Mom’s Perspective is not responsible for prize fulfillment. I received a sample from BullyMake for testing and review purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way. This post contains an affiliate link that is clearly marked as such. Readers are under no obligation to use an affiliate link.

Christine is the proud mother of three amazing adults in their 20s, and one ‘fur baby’, a dog named Tracker who is never far from Christine’s side.  A devoted gardener, during the spring and summer months Christine can normally be found tending to her flower and vegetable gardens.  Living in Southern Ontario near Lake Erie, Christine enjoys spending time outdoors, is an avid hiker and fisher, including ice fishing in the winter months.

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  1. Jonnie

    I would love to find a really tough tennis ball that Layla couldn’t chew through. She gets through most in 5 minute flat!

  2. HEIDI C.

    I would love to see dental chew sticks that my dog actually likes.

  3. Soozle

    I would love to see more chew toys

  4. Luxs mom

    We search high and low for toys lux cant destroy shes a lil lab collie cross with jaws of steel. We stick to kongs antlers and beef bones. Your post was very imformative. Glad to hear the box os full of quality items

  5. Lynda Cook

    I would love to see a tough and strong toy for my big boy, and something that would last longer than a day!

  6. Lee-Ann

    I would love to see stuffed toys, my dogs love them the best!

    • Aimee

      BarkBox is another form of dog toy boxes and provides more plush toys; it’s geared toward lower impact chewers.

  7. Judy Cowan

    Love to see strong toys that stand up to chewing and treats with healthy ingredients.

  8. Wendy Jensen

    I love to see toys that don’t fall apart and healthy treats.

  9. Doris Humber

    I love to see treats that promote oral health, tug toys, squeaky toys.

  10. kim

    I’d love for my dog to have a bully stick that she can’t consume within 15 minutes – something that lasts longer!

  11. Catherine Robichaud

    I would love to see tough things that our dog could chew with ruining. Most toys last about 10 mins before he destroys them.

  12. Robyn Bellefleur

    I would like to see the BullyMake tough nylon chew in the subscription box.

  13. Julie bolduc

    I would like to see duck treats in it

  14. tammy ta

    I would love to see toys that truly would last for more than a few minutes, hours or a day. My Rocky is extremely quick to wreck toys. Would love to get a couple that would last and last for an extremely strong chewer.

  15. Debbie White Beattie

    My dogs favorite toys are squeakers but not the furry ones the plastic ones. He also loves treats of course but he needs them to be poultry free which can be hard to find. Anything else would be great !

  16. Kim K

    I’d like to see chew toys for tough chewers

  17. janine a

    i would love to see organic dog treats

  18. sara kkirkham

    I would like to see toys and snacks geared towards smaller breeds

  19. Elizabeth R

    I’d love to see a toy my dog couldn’t destroy, she is a chewer!

  20. I would love to see some tough toys! Our little guy, Casey, seems to chew through everything! Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity. We are always looking for new products for Casey to try and he absolutely loves toys and treats!

  21. Anne S

    Bully sticks and anything else to chew!

  22. Steph D

    I’d love to see vitamins actually. My pup’s getting old and I feel like he should be using some!

  23. Clare O'Brien

    My dog really likes dental sticks, so it would be great if there were some in the box.

  24. melanie stirling

    Tough chews that take a long time to break down.

  25. meghan

    Lots of supplements

  26. jeremy mclaughlin

    The dental chew sticks.

  27. Char

    My dog loves dental chew sticks, thank you so much!

  28. Calvin F.

    I’d love a teeth cleaning set!

  29. Tainan Lu

    I would love to see more dental chew sticks

  30. Aarone Mawdsley

    some good treats

  31. jennie

    We’d most like to see the Little Chewzzies Salmon treats in our gift basket.

  32. Christine Labelle

    I would love to see a toy that my dog won’t destroy. She is rough on her things!

  33. Athena

    durable toys

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    Smaller chew bones for my little dog.

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    I’d like to see dog toys and snacks like dog bones.


    Princess likes soft squeaky toys.

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    I’d love to see a squeaky toy. My dog is obsessed.

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    My dog loves Bully sticks!!
    Any toy that squeaks is always a hit!

  40. Carly Daring

    I would love some tough chew toys for my lab!

  41. I would like to see toys, treats and grooming products.

  42. tracy k

    I’d love to see a bone!


    A good brush

  44. Lee-Ann J

    My girls love bones with ridges the best! They would probably love a squeaky toy in the box…but I wouldn’t!

  45. I would love to see toys and treats of course.
    Stephanie LaPlante recently posted…American Girl Doll ReviewMy Profile

  46. crystal

    More chew toys. My Doxie guy is more for the toys and less on the treats.

  47. Healthy treats!
    Edye recently posted…5 Prayers For The FutureMy Profile

  48. Juliee Fitze

    We would really like to have bully sticks in our box.

  49. Crissie Woolard

    I would love to see dirty toys and healthy snacks. Thank you for the amazing giveaway

  50. KellyPC

    Toys that can survive tough love!

  51. melissa marie

    I would love to see dental treats or tough toys.

  52. Jessica Cox

    I would like to get a new collar and leash

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    A really tough toy for my pup

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    Lots of toys and treats – my puppy loves these both equally!

  57. I’d love to see toys that are not easily destroyed! My younger dog seems to tear toys up within the first day!

  58. I like a really tough lasting toy for Bella. She really can do a number, even on a kong.
    Janice Crespo recently posted…Giveaway Roundup May 10, 2017My Profile

  59. Lauryn R

    I would love to see a cool new long lasting chew toy in my dogs box! She is a puppy and loves to chew things up! 😉

  60. I’d love to see squeakless toys (Jake is scared of squeaks) and chicken free treats (Rose is allergic to chicken)

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    i would love to see teeth brushing items

  62. dog love toys… great products

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    I’d love to see dog chew toys & treats

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