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Mark’s is Much More than Work Wear

#ThinkChristmas Much More than Work Wear #GiftMarks



Mark’s has always been one of our go to shopping destinations for everything from work wear, outdoor wear to sleepwear. Why? We love the vast selection of quality and durable products from a variety of brands that we love.

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Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Giving Ideas

Shoppers Drug Mart
Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Shoppers Drug Mart Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Shoppers Drug Mart is one of my go to places for all things Christmas and beyond. When I walk into the doors, I know that I am able to cross everyone’s stocking stuffers off my list. I also purchase small gifts for friends, snacks and more. Shoppers Drug Mart is my one stop shop. This year you can #owntheholidays too by visiting a location near you. Check out all they have to offer.

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SKECHERS – Give the Gift of Comfort this Season


Comfortable, Stylish & Durable


When I’m looking for shoes for my boys, I’m looking for shoes that are durable. I want a shoe that is going to last either the year or until their next growth spurt, whichever comes first. I made the mistake of buying shoes that were less than last spring, and before summer even arrived they had shoes that were falling apart and needed replacing much earlier than I was expecting. I also want a shoe with a good fit, that will allow a little bit of room for growth (because I don’t want to have to replace shoes every three months).

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Wonderbra New Styles Fall/Winter 2017-18

NEW for Fall 2017 & Winter 2017-18 Collection

Wonderbra NEW Styles

Since 1939, Wonderbra has been a household name.  I still remember their slogan which I would sing when the commercial appeared on the TV. Clear as if it were only yesterday, I can recall the lyrics ” “We care about the shape you’re in, wonderful, wonderful, WonderBra”, which was the jingle that was featured in their first TV commercial. My very first bra was a Wonderbra! Over the years, Wonderbra has been innovating and developing new and improved bras resulting in exquisite styles with ultimate support and comfort in mind. I love Wonderbra. Here’s why!

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Ponchies for Babies and Kids

The Huggable, Snuggable & Cozy Ponchos for Babies & Kids


Ponchies are adorably hand crafted ponchos for kids and babies that are made with love in Toronto, Canada by Tiffany Uher. Everything from start to finish including design and sewing is carefully crafted to create the high quality and unique clothing for kids.

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Fun and Fashionable Jewelry, Keychains and more by William W. Rockwell

williamrockwell-38bulletnecklaceWilliam Rockwell‘s talent goes much further than leather masks and metalwork. He creates one of a kind jewelry and novelty gifts.







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The Exquisite Jord Wood Watch: A Natural Choice for any Outfit, Occasion & Gift

jord-wood-watches-promo Jord Wood Watches are timeless pieces that stand out in the crowd. A natural accessory to be worn with any attire be it business or casual. Attending a business meeting, event or even just a walk in the woods, the Jord Wood Watch is perfect for any occasion. Jord Wood Watches are beautifully crafted using natural wood and oils.

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SuperflyKids Superhero Cause Capes


SuperflyKids is a company that makes the most beautiful personalized capes for the little Superhero in your life. You can personalize everything from the colour and letter to the shape of the emblem on the cape.

I feel incredibly blessed to have five healthy children. Life isn’t always smooth, and we certainly have our issues. Kristopher’s Selective Mutism, Intermittent Explosive Disorder and Austistic Tendencies, for example, or my son Taylor who was born 7 weeks premature and was a very sick baby and toddler. However, currently my boys are all very healthy. For that I am grateful!

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POOK Canadian Winter Wear

POOKNow, I have heard many an invention be thought of, planned and totally off the wall while sipping on a few brown pops, however the clever thinking and brainchild of the mastermind behind the POOK is pure genius. As you may have guessed “yes, alcohol was involved”. What is the POOK? you ask! The POOK is a line of CANADIAN made winter wear.


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