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Stinkin Thinkin Gets You Nowhere

Stinkin Thinkin Gets You Nowhere
Positive Thinking = Positive Results

Stinkin Thinkin Gets You Nowhere

“No Stinkin Thinkin”! I cannot tell you the amount of times I have heard those words uttered from my hubby’s mouth. I can be my own worst enemy when it comes to situations and how I handle stress. In my striving to be a better me, love myself more and live a less stressful life, I have been taking guidance from him. Even though we don’t always see eye to eye which results in bickering, he is my rock, my best friend and someone I can count on to get me “back in balance”.

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Survive the Winter: Ten Helpful Tips

Survive the Winter
Make it through using these Ten Winter Survival Tips

Don’t be left out in the Cold

Survive the Winter

Winter can leave any time now! The frigid -40 temps that a lot of us have been experiencing have left a lot of us out in the cold. Being prepared for a brutal winter is something that I always thought I had a handle on but boy was I wrong. The past few weeks have been a learning experience for me. I’ve learned many tips and some tricks to survive and get through this chilly season. Here are my 10 tips to help you survive the winter.

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RONA Inspiration DIY Craft and Gift Ideas

RONA Inspiration DIY Craft and Gift Ideas
Merry Everything & Happy Always

Rona Inspiration DIY Wreath

It’s around Christmastime that I tend to get my craft on more so than any other holiday. I like making things to give family and friends plus I love to adorn my home with things that I have made myself. It gives me a sense of pleasure looking at them and knowing I Did That! Sometimes I can get stuck for ideas or simply don’t know how to go about making something in the easiest and most inexpensive way possible. Thanks to RONA, I was given the supplies to make the most easiest to put together cute little wreath! Check it out and all the other RONA Inspiration easy to do it yourself crafts.

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Slime Sorcery It’s A Slime Recipe Book

Slime Sorcery by Ulysses Press
Colour Changing, Magnetic, Glitter, and More
It’s Slime Time

Slime Sorcery

My boys love anything ooey and gooey, and making home made slime is one of their favourite rainy day/snowy day/sick day projects. In the past I’ve always struggled to find easy and fun slime recipes, but thanks to Ulysses Press I’m now covered indefinitely!

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Tre Stelle #RandomActsofCooking

Tre Stelle #RandomActsofCooking
Calling All Canadians…Inspire others to spread the Joy

Tre Stelle RandomActsofCooking

We have all experienced just how busy the holiday season can be. With so much going on it is important to stop and consider those people in our lives and communities who may need a helping hand. This holiday season, Tre Stelle invites Canadians to reach out to others by performing #RandomActsOfCooking to spread some joy through the connective power of delicious food.

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The Original Plasmart DoodleArt + Giveaway

The Original Plasmart DoodleArt


One of the things my boys love to do is colour and draw. While my younger two before to ‘free-style’ draw, my 10 year old loves to colour in adult colouring books, and so I knew that The Original DoodleArt posters would be the perfect gift for him. 

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Thomas is my big creator, and he loves making key chains, bracelets, necklaces, and all sorts of different things for himself, his friends, his family, and even his plush critters. This year, he’s going to be REALLY excited to receive the Beados Teeneez collection under the tree this year so he can explore his creative side over the Christmas break from school.

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Perfect Stocking Stuffers: 2018 Calendars

Andrews McMeel – 2018 Calendars


I know that I have mentioned it before, but I love calendars, planners, organizers of all kinds. I never have less than 2-3 planners/agendas each year, and we normally have at least 4 different calendars adorning the walls of our various rooms. I normally pop a calendar or two in Taylor’s stocking, and calendars are ALWAYS on my personal “wish-list.”

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Star Shower Laser Magic: Christmas Decorating with Bulbhead

Star Shower Laser Magic

by Bulbhead


star shower

I have a Christmas confession. I have never had outside lights on my house at Christmas time. It isn’t that we don’t want to decorate our house, it is just that the cost of the lights and the energy to actually put them up is a major deterrent for us, not to mention the cost of running the lights for the entire month of December.

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More Time Moms – Helping To Keep You Organized All Year Long

More Time Moms

Being a mom is a tough job. More Time Moms can help calm the chaos and restore the balance.

more time moms

Planning is essential to success. Making time for work, play and love is essential to happiness. Let More Time Moms help you plan a happy family life!

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