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Premium Near Beer Non-Alcoholic Beer

PremiumNearBearPremium Near Beer has some of the top brands of non-alcoholic beer from world class brewers. Premium Near Beer came to be when it’s founder, Ted Fleming, became chronically ill and was forced to eliminate alcohol from his diet. After trying the few selections with similar tastes that were offered in grocery stores, bars and restaurants, he became frustrated and set out on a search to find, locate and acquire premium non-alcoholic brews that would offer a wide variety of tastes and styles.

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Two Hamilton Entrepreneurs Make Good with BOMB Energy Drink #LightTheFuse

Bomb-Logo  Bomb Energy Drink was originally sold to bars and restaurants in the format of a box in a bag which was dispensed on tap (such as a fountain drink). At the time, Bomb Energy Drink had 400 locations serving the tasty beverage. With expansion on their minds, the local duo wanted to become a fierce competitor within the retail industry. In 2013, the partners received the needed government approval which allowed them to sell Bomb Energy Drink in cans within retail locations across Canada.

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Karma Wellness Water

Karma Wellness Water-LogoHave you heard of Karma? Noooo…not that kind of Karma! The Karma I am talking about is a good thing!

Karma is a bottle of goodness that contains natural spring water which becomes a flavourful, vitamin filled, healthy beverage when you add the potent powder.

Let me explain….

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SunRype’s 100% Concord Grape Juice

Sunrype-Concord-Grape-JuiceAlthough I absolutely LOVE grapes, I have to admit that I am normally not a huge fan of grape juice. I was quite surprised at just how great SunRype’s Concord Grape juice tasted. 





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SunRype’s Strawberry Banana Frullo

Sunrype-FrulloA refreshing burst of strawberry and banana is what you will find when you take your first drink (and each one thereafter). I found the blend of strawberry to banana ratio perfect. I found myself swirling the liquid around in my mouth to see if I could separate the two different flavours. It was difficult to do. The found the juice to have a little bit of a thickness to which I attribute to the banana ingredient. SunRype’s StrawberryBanana juice made me think of a tropical island.

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Zevia’s Zero Calorie Soda

Zevia-PlethoraFlavoursZevia: The Zero Calorie – Naturally Flavoured – No Sugar Added – No Artificially Sweetened Soda
I consider myself somewhat of a soda connoisseur, an expert if you will. In the beginning there was the ever ongoing battle between the big C and the big P brand. Many moons ago I was converted to the big P and never looked back. I drink way more soda, cola or whatever you choose to call it more than I should. The way I see things is if I like it I am going to eat it and drink it. If I were to die today at least I will die happy in the knowledge that I never denied myself the cravings for the things I love. That being said I do eat well and try to eat right. I have tried many a soda, cola and drink that laid claim to be better for me but I always was left disappointed. The taste and oh so icky aftertaste that I was left with steered me away…..Enter Zevia

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