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DADDIES DO by Lezlie Evans

DADDIES DO by Lezlie Evans
A Sterling Children’s Book
Illustrated by Elisa Ferro

DADDIES DO doing what daddys do

Reading and the love of books starts at an early age. It not only helps propel literacy but strengthens bonds capturing the love and playfulness of spending time with daddy! My son and my grandson Rowan are featured doing just that! DADDIES DO certainly caught Rowan’s attention, as I’m certain it will capture the minds and hearts of your children too.

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Slime Sorcery It’s A Slime Recipe Book

Slime Sorcery by Ulysses Press
Colour Changing, Magnetic, Glitter, and More
It’s Slime Time

Slime Sorcery

My boys love anything ooey and gooey, and making home made slime is one of their favourite rainy day/snowy day/sick day projects. In the past I’ve always struggled to find easy and fun slime recipes, but thanks to Ulysses Press I’m now covered indefinitely!

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Sterling Children’s Books – Christmas 2017

Sterling Children’s Books

We Wish For a Monster Christmas
The Bear Who Didn’t Want to Miss Christmas

My boys always get something to read under the tree at Christmas time. It is very important to me to share my love of books with the boys, and new reads for Christmas morning are a must. This Christmas, We Wish For a Monster Christmas and The Bear Who Didn’t Want to Miss Christmas will find their way underneath our tree.

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Frankenbunny – Sterling Books Halloween Giveaway


written by Jill Esbaum

Illustrated by Alice Brereton


You know monsters aren’t real, right?

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My Golden Ticket: A Journey into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – a book by Wonderbly

Roald Dahl’s

My Golden Ticket

A Journey into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

my golden ticket

A brand new, remarkably personalized story:

This book gives every child a unique adventure in Willy Wonka’s factory.
They’ll explore wondrous new rooms and uncover their own delicious secrets.
The perfect personalized gift for kids 5-12 years.

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Pigs & Beasts: Sterling Children’s Books – September New Releases

Sterling Children’s Books

Maurice the Unbeastly & Rufus Blasts Off!

September 2017 releases


I love to add to our book collection on a monthly basis, especially for the kids. I find that if the kids have a wide assortment of books, with new books added on a regular basis, they enjoy reading more and don’t get bored with it. We love books that are imaginative, fun to read, with interesting illustrations.  This month, two of the books we added to our bookshelf are Maurice the Unbeastly and Rufus Blasts Off!

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The Birthday Thief – A Magical Adventure Story by Wonderbly

The Birthday Thief

by Pedro Codego, Pedro Serapicos & David Cadji-Newby

birthday thief

A stupendously personalized birthday story, that magically changes based on your child’s birth date. Huzzah!

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Ally-saurus & the Very Bossy Monster – Sterling Children’s Books – August 2017

Sterling Children’s Books

August 2017 New Release

Ally-saurus & the Very Bossy Monster

Written & Illustrated by Richard Torrey


Ally-saurus is back – and ROARING louder than ever!

What happens when a bossy new girl tries to make everyone play by her rules?

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Don’t Go To School! – Sterling Children’s Books – August 2017 #BackToSchool

Sterling Children’s Books

August 2017 New Release

Don’t Go To School!

by Máire Zepf
illustrated by Tarsila Krüse

don't go to school

Benno is really excited about his first day of school. But there’s an unexpected problem: MOMMY!

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World Pizza – Sterling Children’s Books – June 2017

Sterling Children’s Books 

June 2017 New Release

World Pizza

by Cece Meng
illustrated by Ellen Shi

world pizza

Bring on the Peace-ahh!

When Momma spots a wishing star, she starts to ask for world peace — but a sneeze changes “peace” into “peace-AH-AH-AH-choo!”

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