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Lost My Name A Magical Personalized Kids Book

Lost My Name: A Magical Personalized One of a Kind Gift

Recently I was introduced to Lost My NameLost My Name is an amazing company that makes wonderfully creative personalized stories for kids. I love personalized children’s books. I love them so much I’m not even sure how many we have. Lets just say we have at least a dozen different personalized children’s stories in my house. Probably more. I love how personalized books are more than just stories, they are keepsakes!

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KD Novelties Personalized Books #kidsbooks

KD Novelties Personalized BooksI have to say that I was not quite sure what to expect from KD Novelties Personalized Books. I wondered how interactive the story would be and how Riley would become a “star” of the story.

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The Little Holiday Helper’s Big Book of Christmas Jokes for Kids

LittleHolidayHelper-BookMaxime-Alexandra Lavergne is a giving 7 year old girl with a heart of gold. From lemonade stands, to cookie sales, to donating her birthday money, she is often thinking of creative ways to help children and animals in need from not only at home but around the globe. The Little Holiday Helper’s Big Book of Christmas Jokes for Kids is her most recent project to raise funds for charity. Maxime-Alexandra worked very hard on this book, from selecting or writing every joke that went into it, to making every content and design decision.

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Nuts About Nuts Nutrition for Children

Nuts About Nuts by Shir GuezI have to say that this book was not what I had expected. I absolutely enjoyed reading it from start to finish.

Shir Guez did a wonderful job illustrating and explaining in simple terms how nutritious nuts can be that any child can understand.


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Pine and the Winter Sparrow by Alexis York Lumbard

Pine and the Winter Sparrow-Book Pine and the Winter Sparrow is a tale about an injured Sparrow offspring. He is unable to fly south for the winter and is forced to remain behind while his family takes flight, rest assuring everyone that he will be fine over the winter months and will see them in the spring. The sparrow’s travels throughout the forest take him from one possible shelter to another, always being rejected, until he reaches the Pine. It’s a tale of belief, kindness and selflessness.

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