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Crazy Easy Vegan Desserts Recipe Book

Crazy Easy Vegan Desserts Recipe Book
By Heather Saffer
75 Fast, Simple, Gluten Free & Vegan Treats

Crazy Easy Vegan Desserts

Who knew that Vegan and Gluten free could taste so good! My preconceived notions of boring, dry and tasteless treats were quickly quelled. It’s no secret that I am far from being vegan. That said, the recipes in this book include some things I have made, only with a slight change in ingredient or two. If you love desserts, like I do, you’ll definitely want to take a look at these amazing recipes.

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SPOKES Air Puffed Potato Snacks

SPOKES Air Puffed Potato Snacks
The Better-For-You Snack

SPOKES Air Puffed Potato Snacks

Lately, I have been seeing and hearing a lot of things about a NEW snack that is made in a peanut free facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. SPOKES is the name and healthy is their game. The healthy snacking option was created by a Canadian mom, and are free of 11 major allergens. I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open in search of a better way to snack and when I discovered SPOKES Air Puffed Potato Snacks, I had to try them.

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Tre Stelle #RandomActsofCooking

Tre Stelle #RandomActsofCooking
Calling All Canadians…Inspire others to spread the Joy

Tre Stelle RandomActsofCooking

We have all experienced just how busy the holiday season can be. With so much going on it is important to stop and consider those people in our lives and communities who may need a helping hand. This holiday season, Tre Stelle invites Canadians to reach out to others by performing #RandomActsOfCooking to spread some joy through the connective power of delicious food.

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Grand Ferrero Rocher – Making Christmas Special

Grand Ferrero Rocher

A More Magnificent Ferrero Rocher

Grand Ferrero Rocher

It isn’t Christmas until we break out the box of Ferrero Rocher. Several boxes actually. Perfect for snacking on, for entertaining, and for gift giving, Ferrero Rocher is one of those classic chocolates that I’m glad is available year round.

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Mary Macleod’s Shortbread – The Best Shortbread Cookies Ever

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread

Melt-in-your-mouth To-Die-For Indulgence

Mary Macleod's

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread is committed to quality and tradition. Since 1981, they have been baking authentic, pure, all-butter shortbread cookies, using only the finest ingredients. Their dedicated bakers follow artisanal, small-batch baking methods to handcraft every unforgettably delicious cookie.

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The Smoking Gun by Breville Tasty Recipes

Breville’s The Smoking Gun
Infuse Foods, Drinks & More with Natural Smokey Flavors

Breville Smoking Gun

In my home, we love food that is smoked, especially meats and sauces. They have that added punch of flavor that we so often crave. For so long, I have wanted a way to smoke my own food in my home with a product that would allow me to add as little or as much smoke infused flavor as I wished and especially one that wouldn’t break the bank. The Smoking Gun by Breville is the answer that I’ve been looking for. It’s so easy to use too! See my original Recipes Inside!

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Sweet Heat Tomato Jelly Spread Recipe

Tomato Jelly Spread: The Perfect Balance of Sweet & Heat
For Sandwiches, Meat & More

Sweet Heat Tomato Jelly Spread

My Tomato Jelly Spread is a delicious alternative for use on sandwiches, glazing ham, using as a dip for meats such as pork chops and chicken or as a marinade for steak and much more.

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Carnivore Club Canada

Carnivore Club

Artisan. Handcrafted. Exclusive.

Ultimate Meat Club for Discerning Individuals

carnivore club

Carnivore Club. Meat. MEAT. I know! Sounds delicious. If you’re like Chris, you probably don’t need any more information beyond the word CARNIVORE. But, for those who are a little more curious, Carnivore Club is a cured meat of the month club. Each box is filled with 4-6 handcrafted, delicious cured meats from top artisans around the world.

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One Sweet Box September Candy Subscription Box

One Sweet Box September Edition
Candy Subscription Service

One Sweet Box September Edition

Since my last One Sweet Box arrived in August, I have been looking forward to see what the One Sweet Box September Edition had in store for me. It did not disappoint- for the most part. I was able to indulge in some all time favourites, discover some new awesome products that are now on my “must find and buy” list and make note of one that I will never try again. This is why I love this service. I get to sample products to see if I love, like, are indifferent or simply dislike before I go out and buy a whole bag or box thinking that I will love it just by the look of a package. For this month’s box, I gave it a 7 out of 8. Step inside and see my thoughts on each curated candy.

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Delicious Dinner with Leftovers

Making Dinner with Leftovers
Easy & Quick Meal made with what’s in the Fridge

Leftovers Lasagna

What to do with Leftovers? I do not like wasting food and hubby has a habit of making a new meal everyday. Last night, I looked in the fridge and there were so many leftovers in there that I wasn’t sure what to do with. I could have made sandwiches and had some of the leftovers just heated up on the side but I didn’t want that. Then a light bulb went off in my pretty little head. I knew exactly what I was going to make. I called it Lazy Day Leftovers but then hubby dubbed it Leftovers Lasagna – because it was so cheesy!

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