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EcoDiscoveries Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray

EcoDiscoveries-HarvestFoodWashPreservativeEcoDiscoveries Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray

EcoDiscoveries Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray is an excellent tool for removing impurities such as bacteria, wax, soil and other contaminants from your food and is considered a ‘Biopreferred” product.

Residual pesticides are washed away when using EcoDiscoveries Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray therefore making the product excellent for those with chemical sensitivities or compromised immune systems.

EcoDiscoveries reduces waste by providing Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray to you with an empty refillable 32oz bottle accompanied by a 2oz bottle of Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray concentrate.

Simply pour the concentrate into the bottle, mix with water and you’re all set. When you require more product simply purchase the Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray concentrate refill bottles.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, plant-derived surfacants, vegetable derived glycerin and inorganic mineral salts.

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Deep Relief Ice Cold Spray #ColderThanIce

Deep Relief Ice Cold Spray Deep Relief is a line of sprays and gels that are designed to target the inflammation and pain resulting from sore muscles.  The newest product to help relieve your aching and sore muscles is Deep Relief’s Ice Cold Spray. I have to say that I was impressed! Deep Relief’s Ice Cold Spray goes on cold, dries quickly and a plus for me is that it is Non-Greasy!! I really love that. I also am a big fan of scents. I really am not likely to use a product often or I will go as far as saying that I would not even purchase a product if it didn’t tantalize my senses and smell terrific or at least great!!

Deep Relief’s Ice Cold Spray reminds me of Vick’s (ooops—can I say that out loud??) but it does – really!!! As soon as I opened the parcel and broke open the protective plastic barrier that covers the cap I gave the can a shake and sprayed a little bit onto my arm (just for fun) and also to see what it smelled like. I was immediately taken back to my childhood and that scent that I grew to love/hate in our cold Canadian winters.

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Defeat the Cracken with Footner Exfoliating Socks

Footner-ExfoliatingSocksIf you have ever watched Clash of the Titans or are a fan of Greek Mythology, then you know that the Kraken is a gigantic and hideous creature born of Hades (in the underworld).

Today we re-write history, myth and legend for the Cracken is that ugly and sometimes painful part of the underfoot where cracks, callouses and extremely dry skin reside.

Just as Persius slayed the Kracken with just one glance of Medusa’s head, today and everyday henceforth we will defeat our modern day Cracken with just one use of the Footner Exfoliating Sock.

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The Pee Pocket For Women on the Go who have to Go

PeePocket-1I have to say that this is one of the strangest products I have had the opportunity to review. So needless to say, I had been anxiously awaiting for the product to arrive. I have been in many circumstances where this would have really come in so very handy. From dirty restaurants, bars, gas stations, johnny on the spots and rest stop washrooms to many countless other situations, The Pee Pocket would have been the answer to my prayers.

In the past I have tried rolling up paper towels and using a cone shaped Dixie drinking cup so I would not have to sit down on an unsanitary toilet. Let me just say it didn’t work out so well. – LOL –

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Provacare Feminine Natural Health Products

#Provacare ReviewProvacare is a line of Natural Feminine Health Products that are manufactured and produced by our very own The Mentholatum Company of Canada Ltd.  I am certain you have heard of this company before!! They are the ones who bring us the awesome acne fighting treatment OXY! I must admit that I was happy to be chosen to review their product line. The company and staff are very easy to work with and my experience using their products have been more than pleasant.

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