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Glove A Bubble Bubble Gloves by Zing

Glove A Bubble by Zing
Summer Fun for Everyone


Finally!! We have the warm sunny days of summer. This means getting outside and playing for hours in the fresh air and having fun. For us, it wouldn’t be summer without bubbles!! We love bubbles, even the dogs do. Now, with just a wave of a ‘gloved’ hand, kids can churn out loads of BUBBLES using the Glove A Bubble from Zing.

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Live Clean Earth Day Naturally

Live Clean Earth Day
Celebrating You & Our Planet

Live Clean Earth Day 2018

Earth Day is April 22nd, 2018! With this day in mind, we wanted to express how we take care of ourselves and the earth everyday! One way we do this is by choosing products that are made from natural ingredients, Eco-friendly and recyclable. Live Clean products are one of our personal go to favorites. Come on in and see how you can Live Clean Earth Day and celebrate taking care of you and our planet at the same time.

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Create Lasting Memories with Johnson’s Baby

Create Lasting Memories
Johnson’s Baby Products

Johnsons Baby Rowan

Johnson’s Baby products have been a household name for as long as I can remember. I was a Johnson’s baby as was my son and now my grandson. The scent, which seems to get ingrained into memory, when smelled, brings back all those cherished moments.

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Live Clean Baby Colloidal Oatmeal Eczema

Live Clean Baby
Colloidal Oatmeal Eczema Shampoo & Wash
Colloidal Oatmeal Eczema Cream
Gentle & Effective Relief

Live Clean Baby Colloidal Oatmeal Eczema

Everyone knows I absolutely love Live Clean products. I use them everyday! My grandson is due to be born any day now and I have been browsing the internet for the best products to use on his sensitive newborn skin. I knew I could count on Live Clean for products that are natural and delicate. The winter can be harsh on adults leading to hurtful, dry, itchy and irritated skin. I can’t imagine how a poor baby would deal with the same. That’s why they created the Live Clean Baby Eczema line of products, specially developed to temporarily protect and help relieve minor skin irritation and itching due to rashes and eczema.

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Rumina Naturals for Mom & Baby

Rumina Naturals
Natural Care Products for Mom & Baby

Rumina Naturals

Since I am going to be a grandma soon, I have been scouring the internet seeking out products for mom to be (my daughter in law) and my soon to be born grandson due in February. In my vast and extensive search I was introduced to Rumina Naturals. These products made with love containing natural and organic ingredients and are made locally in Kelowna, BC, Canada!

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Great Pretenders – Costumes, Toys & More

Great Pretenders

Sparking Imagination, One Child at a Time

great pretenders

Once upon a time there was a Mom troubled by the lack of fun and imaginative toys for her children. This is how Great Pretenders was born. 

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SKECHERS – Give the Gift of Comfort this Season


Comfortable, Stylish & Durable


When I’m looking for shoes for my boys, I’m looking for shoes that are durable. I want a shoe that is going to last either the year or until their next growth spurt, whichever comes first. I made the mistake of buying shoes that were less than last spring, and before summer even arrived they had shoes that were falling apart and needed replacing much earlier than I was expecting. I also want a shoe with a good fit, that will allow a little bit of room for growth (because I don’t want to have to replace shoes every three months).

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Imaginative Play with Lottie Doll

Lottie Doll
Dolls, Play Sets & Accessories for Children 3 and Up

Lottie Dolls Dolls and Accessories

The north west coast of Ireland is home to a team who is dedicated and passionate about “preserving the magic of childhood”. Inspiration for many of the dolls have come from the creative minds and imagination of children. To date, the Lottie Doll team have earned more than 30 international toy awards. The dolls, play sets and accessories allow for hours of adventure and exploration regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability and make for the perfect gift under the tree Christmas morning. Like the best toys, the only limitations are found within your child’s imagination making this the perfect toy that is not only durable, but will grow with your child for years to come.

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Aveeno Celebratory Moments – Eczema Care for Mom & Baby

Celebrate Milestones with AVEENO® By Your Side

Eczema Care for Mom and Baby


The AVEENO Eczema Care Line helps to relieve the four symptoms of eczema – redness, itching, dryness and irritation. Formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Colloidal Oatmeal and ceramides to provide long-lasting moisture to soothe and relieve dry and irritated skin.

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Johnson’s Bedtime Bath Routine

Johnson’s Bedtime


Johnson’s Baby products were the first products that I used on all five of my boys. Because I have allergies to scents/fragrances and a myriad of other products that are often included in skincare products, Johnson’s Baby has been a staple product in my house as long as I can remember (even before I had children).

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