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Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System

Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System
The Easy Way to Travel & Stay Organized

Stow-N-Go-Portable Luggage System

Grand Fusions Housewares has a product that is the answer to my dreams. It’s the Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System. This spacious yet compact carrier (measuring 17.7″ x 11.8″ x 25.2″) has multiple compartments which saves up to 30 percent of space when folded down. It also has a laundry compartment too! Satisfying my organizational needs and keeping the hubby organized will be so much easier.

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The Versatile Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log

Light 'n Go Bonfire LogThe Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log can be used anywhere. Perfect for a cozy backyard fire, camping, fishing and even in the home. There are no chemicals which make the Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log perfect for cooking just about anything.

The Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log is made of white birch that has an embedded wick, which you light.. The log is dried in a kiln, can be lit easily with just a match and is designed for single use .

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Enviro-Log Firelogs & FireStarters

EnviroLogFirelogs-Starters I heat with wood during the winter in our wood stove. We tend to go through about 10-12 cord of wood each winter (bush cord not face cord). I am very impressed by these products to say the least. Totally compressed, these firelogs are heavy! Weighing in at 5lbs a log.  The logs burn for a long time (3 hrs), reducing the need to keep adding additional wood to my wood stove. I was very happy to see that the product lived up to my expectations. There is no odd smell that emits from the firelogs which was great. These 5lb firelogs will burn up to three hours, exactly what the product claims. Since using the firelogs as an additional heat source, our wood consumption has reduced drastically. Within 3 hours, we could, on average, stoke our wood stove at least 3 times!!! Using Enviro-Log firelogs is saving us money!!! It costs us on average around $300 for 5 face cord of wood, never mind bush cord.

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