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Hurricane Fur Wizard Pet Fur & Lint Remover

Reusable Pet Fur Remover with Self-Cleaning Base

Hurricane Fur Wizard Pet Fur & Lint Remover

No Refills! No Tape! No Mess!

Double sided action cleans in half the time.

hurricane fur wizard

Introducing the Hurricane Fur Wizard – the all new, reusable brush that picks up fur and lint with ease. Hurricane Fur Wizard is faster because of the double-sided action. It cleans up twice as much in half the time of other one-sided lint brushes and removes fur and lint from the brush instantly with the self cleaning base. Just one dip and both sides are cleaned-up quick.

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Litter-Robot III Open Air – Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Litter-Robot III Open Air

Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box For Cats

Litter-Robot Open Air is the Highest Rated Self-Cleaning Litter Box in the World


Never Scoop Cat Litter Again

Say hello to the completely re-imagined Litter-Robot Open Air.

Litter Box duty is something that no one likes in my house. It is a chore that has been assigned to Taylor for years, and he hates it and often puts it off which results in a stinky basement and unhappy cats. We have been looking at self-cleaning litter boxes for some time now, but were always put off by the high price tags. Are they worth it?  Would it help eliminate the smell issue? Would the cats use it, and like it?

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BoxerTuff Pet Products Hemp Rope TugToy

BoxerTuff Pet Products
Durable Toys for the Playful Pet or Power Chewer

BoxerTuff Pet Products

BoxerTuff Pet Products is a small up and coming Canadian Owned and Operated family business. Their love and dedication to furry family members is of utmost importance to not only themselves but to us – as consumers. So much so that a portion from every purchase made by people like you and me go to non-profit animal rescues and shelters.

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Your True Companion Pet Products Chicken Breast

Your True Companion Pet Products
True Raw Choice Dehydrated Chicken Breast for Dogs & Cats

Your True Companion Pet Products Dehydrated Chicken Breast

Simple ingredients are what we look for in treats for our baby girl Tracker. Your True Companion Pet Products (a Canadian business) has a wide variety of premium quality food and treats for not only dogs but cats as well.

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Homes Alive Pet Products for Dogs + More

Homes Alive Pet 
A Vast Variety of Products for Dogs, Cats & More

Homes Alive Pet Products Pet Categories

Homes Alive Pet is a Canadian company which carries a variety of products for dogs, cats and birds to reptiles and fish. There are many brands we have grown to love and ones that I have yet to discover.

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BullyMake Subscription Box for Dogs

BullyMake Subscription Box for Dogs
Perfect for the Power Chewing Canine in Your Life

BullyMake Subscription Box Giveaway

Tracker loves treats and she loves toys just as much. We like giving her products that are good for her nutritionally and toys that will incite play as well as relieve stress. The BullyMake Subscription Box for dogs is packed full of delicious treats and quality toys. What’s great is that this monthly surprise box is delivered right to my door.

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Pink Frog Pet Products Accessories for Dogs

Pink Frog Pet Products
Durable Pet Products for Dogs on the Go

Pink Frog Pet Products

It’s Here! It’s finally here! Spring, oh wonderful spring. The suns rays are warming the air and calling us outdoors. We love going for long walks in the bush. I have been looking for a harness for Tracker for a while now. I wanted one that could be easily seen when she wore it (which is why I chose the bright red color). I like to be able to easily spot her as she goes for her much needed runs. I also want others to be able to see her too. The other feature I was looking for in a harness was visibility during the night. I found both of my requirements in Pink Frog Pet Products NEW harness for dogs.

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Lyme Disease Tick Prevention + Removal

Tick Prevention + Removal
How to Avoid Ticks + What To Look For

Tick Prevention

For some of us, the snow has melted and the temperatures are rising. The urge to leave the confines of our warm homes are calling us to the great outdoors. Long walks in the woods, trips to the beaches, excursions to parks and picnicking in grassy fields may be on your list of activities. It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already. Time to think about tick prevention!

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Bully Bundles Bully Sticks 100% Natural Dog Treats Subscription Service

Bully Bundles Bully Sticks

Bully Bundles Bully Sticks

Bully Bundles Bully Sticks are 100% Natural All Beef treats for dogs that are responsibly sourced from free range grass fed cattle. What are Bully Sticks? Come on in and let Tracker tell you all about them!

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Tog Petwear Officially Licensed NHL Dog Collar and Leash

This Family Day, I will be outside taking a wonderful walk with my dog Tracker. She is going to be stylin’ as she wears her new fun n’ functional Tog Petwear Officially Licensed NHL Collar and Leash. Now, she can support her team as she struts her stuff around the neighborhood.

TogPetwear Officially Liscensed Toronto Maple Leafs Collar and Leash

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