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Code & Go Robot Mouse: Give the Gift of Learning


My kids love playing games, and I love playing games with them. I’ve always been a big fan of board games ever since I was little, and that love has transferred over to the boys. We have a wide selection of games, some that are classics, and some that are more unique. I also love games and toys that are educational, especially when the boys have no clue that they are actually learning.

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Unique, Educational & Hands-on Play: Mental Blox 360˚ 3-D Building Game Review


14492529_10153967537346732_3731432964704577375_nWe love games. We love board games, puzzles, dice games, you name it and we probably love it!   We have most of the regular games, plus a few others, and we play them often.  I am always looking for new games that are challenging (but not so challenging as to cause melt downs) fun, and educational.  Games should be fun, of course, but its always great when the kids learn something at the same time (especially if they don’t realize that they are learning)!

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Pie Face! A different game for Games Night

Pie Face-1 Pie Face-2

The other night while watching Paw Patrol toy videos, my son came across one with a Hasbro game called Pie Face! My youngest son has a bit of a YouTube addiction, and he watches the strangest things. Thanks to YouTube he’s found plenty of Minecraft videos, talking cats, and Annoying Orange (thank you SO much for Annoying Orange YouTube, its worse than Caillou!). He also likes to watch videos of people playing with toys. Not kids playing with toys though, adults playing with toys. He watches them play with Batman and Paw Patrol figures, create things with PlayDoh, and test out new board games.

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