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The Original Plasmart DoodleArt + Giveaway

The Original Plasmart DoodleArt


One of the things my boys love to do is colour and draw. While my younger two before to ‘free-style’ draw, my 10 year old loves to colour in adult colouring books, and so I knew that The Original DoodleArt posters would be the perfect gift for him. 

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OYO Sports + Giveaway

OYO Sports

Perfect Toys for the Sports Enthusiast! 

We love our Calgary sports teams, especially The Calgary Flames and The Calgary Stampeders. We watch almost every game on TV, and are REALLY excited for the Grey Cup game coming up this weekend against Calgary and Toronto! Fingers crossed that The Stampeders win this game (as we lost the final game last year, which was super disappointing)!

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Fake News or Not? A Party Game about Life’s Craziest News Stories.

Fake News or Not?

Board Game
Ages 12+

Fake News or Not? is the captivating game about phony funny stories and ludicrous true tales! Life writes the craziest stories but what can we believe, and what is just a pack of lies? Who is telling the truth, and whose pants are on fire? Find it out with the game for know-it-alls, wiseacres, and lovers of interesting and trivial knowledge.

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NHL Funko Pop! – Stocking Stuffers For the Sports Fan!

NHL Funko POP!

Stocking Stuffers for the Sports Fan!

Fans of hockey will love this Johnny Gaudreau collectible figure from Funko Pop! Sports. Standing approximately 4″ in height, it makes a fantastic addition to any bookshelf, workspace, office cubicle, or collectible display case.

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Gifts for EVERYONE from Stortz.ca!


Gifts for EVERYONE 

My kids are very different in their likes and wants and their Christmas lists are no exception to that rule. That’s where Stortz Toys comes into play. They distribute a wide selection of products for everyone on your list.

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Thomas is my big creator, and he loves making key chains, bracelets, necklaces, and all sorts of different things for himself, his friends, his family, and even his plush critters. This year, he’s going to be REALLY excited to receive the Beados Teeneez collection under the tree this year so he can explore his creative side over the Christmas break from school.

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Kristopher LOVES ladybugs. Spring, summer and fall Kristopher goes on ladybug hunts. I never allow him to bring them into the house, but he would be perfectly happy if he was surrounded by ladybugs all the time. This year, for Christmas, he is going to be super excited to have his very own ladybugs that ARE allowed in the house!

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surprise chick

These cute Lil’ Chicks love to chirp, hop and play all day. Put them back in their eggs and watch them hatch over and over again! The fun part is you just don’t know when they will crack open! Will you get the limited edition golden chick?!

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Make Christmas Special With Playmobil



My boys love creative play, and that includes play sets with figurines. We are also a hockey-loving family, so when we find toys that are hockey related the kids go extra crazy for them.

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MyFUNvelope Monthly Kids Craft Subscription

MyFUNvelope Monthly Kids Craft Subscription + Giveaway


My kids love arts and crafts, but I admit I am not a very crafty Mom. I often look for prepackaged craft kits to keep their minds, and hands, busy especially when its too cold and/or miserable to play outside. MyFUNvelope is awesome because inside each envelope are hours of fun for the boys.

What makes MyFUNvelope such a great option for the children in your life?

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