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Husky Liners – The Ultimate in Vehicle Protection – Getting Road Trip Ready

Husky Liners

Getting Road Trip Ready

X-act Contour

The Ultimate in Vehicle Protection

Premium Protection and Style – perfectly matches the contours of your vehicle with indestructible strength and a soft, comfortable cushion

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BLACK + DECKER 12 Volt Auto Flex Vacuum

BLACK + DECKER Auto Flex VacuumWinter is a messy time of year. Snow, salt, sand and debris can make a vehicle messy in no time. It’s not the best time of year to be cleaning a vehicle, especially when having to run an extension cord from the home and using a bulky vacuum cleaner or even worse is having to go to a car center and use one of those pay for vacuums. Not fun at the best of times but worse if you have kids in tow. Who wants to be out in the cold longer than they have to?! It would also be really nice to be able to close the car/truck doors completely to keep the winter wind at bay. That’s where theĀ BLACK + DECKER 12 Volt Auto Flex Vacuum comes in.


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