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Libre Infuser – Refreshing Healthy Beverages

Libre Infuser
For More than just Tea! At Home or On the Go
Anytime – Anywhere

Libre Infuser Black Brush 14oz

The Black Brush Libre Infuser has been added to my Libre Tea Infuser family and I love it. I use it for making delicious teas and infusing fruits or vegetables to make refreshing and healthy drinks. I have created some delicious and oh so tasty drinks using ingredients that I always have in my home. My favourite as of late is a cucumber infused beverage. Recipe Inside!

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Sweet Heat Tomato Jelly Spread Recipe

Tomato Jelly Spread: The Perfect Balance of Sweet & Heat
For Sandwiches, Meat & More

Sweet Heat Tomato Jelly Spread

My Tomato Jelly Spread is a delicious alternative for use on sandwiches, glazing ham, using as a dip for meats such as pork chops and chicken or as a marinade for steak and much more.

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Quick & Easy Cheesy Potato Soup with Bacon – Recipe

Quick & Easy Cheesy Potato Soup with Bacon

Serves 6+ generous portions

potato soup

Potato Soup: I love making soups, stews, and chowders, and I look forward to cooler weather all summer so I can get back to it. Yesterday, October 2, 2017, it was cold, windy, and snowy in Calgary, so it was definitely a soup day.

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Delicious Dinner with Leftovers

Making Dinner with Leftovers
Easy & Quick Meal made with what’s in the Fridge

Leftovers Lasagna

What to do with Leftovers? I do not like wasting food and hubby has a habit of making a new meal everyday. Last night, I looked in the fridge and there were so many leftovers in there that I wasn’t sure what to do with. I could have made sandwiches and had some of the leftovers just heated up on the side but I didn’t want that. Then a light bulb went off in my pretty little head. I knew exactly what I was going to make. I called it Lazy Day Leftovers but then hubby dubbed it Leftovers Lasagna – because it was so cheesy!

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Recipe Calendar – Meal Planner for Android + $50 Amazon Giveaway

Mobile meal planner “Recipe Calendar”

save time and money

+ enter to win a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card

recipe calendar

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a meal planner. We do not eat spontaneously in my house (ever). Even spontaneous meals are planned out (such as eating out for birthdays). There are several reasons why I meal plan each week.

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Garden of Life: Recipe Challenge 2017 – Fruit & Granola Breakfast Cookies

Garden of Life

Blogger Recipe Challenge 2017

garden of life

Recently I was picked to participate in Garden of Life’s Recipe Challenge for 2017. Garden of Life would send me an ingredient box full of healthy, organic, vegan, non-GMO ingredients and I would take those ingredients and create something awesome. Think Gordon Ramsey style challenge! What would I get? THAT was part of the challenge, because it was all a surprise (so no planning ahead possible).

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Easy Three Ingredient Fruit Smoothies

Easy Three Ingredient Fruit Smoothies


I love smoothies, and I love going out to certain smoothie joints and ordering their yummy smoothies BUT smoothies do not have to be complicated and full of 18 different ingredients to be delicious and nutritious. With just THREE simple ingredients (yes THREE) you can have the perfect smoothie at home every time.

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Bruschetta Minute Steaks – Weeknight Dinner #Recipe

Easy Weeknight Dinner

bruschetta minute steaks

I love minute steaks, but I have a really hard time finding them. I used to find them years ago at Safeway every time I went grocery shopping, but I have not seen them in a really long time.

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My Sick-Kit: 10 Things I need when I’m Sick + A Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

10 Things I need when I’m Sick

+ A Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

sick kit

I never really noticed before, but I apparently have a “Sick-Kit” of must-have items to help me feel better. Chris went to Walmart to grab me a few care items, and it was when I was putting together a list of things I like to have when I’m sick I realized I’ve been using the same cold & flu remedies for as long as I can remember.

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Pulled Chicken with Red Sauce

Pulled Chicken with Red Sauce Recipe
A fun take on Pulled Pork

Pulled Chicken with Red Sauce

You’ve heard of pulled pork, right? Well, this meal is just a variation. The dish is very simple and easy to make. Little ingredients are needed and can be made with items that you probably already have on hand. It’s one of my go to meals when old mother hubbard’s cupboards are a little bare just before grocery shopping day!

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