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DADDIES DO by Lezlie Evans

DADDIES DO by Lezlie Evans
A Sterling Children’s Book
Illustrated by Elisa Ferro

DADDIES DO doing what daddys do

Reading and the love of books starts at an early age. It not only helps propel literacy but strengthens bonds capturing the love and playfulness of spending time with daddy! My son and my grandson Rowan are featured doing just that! DADDIES DO certainly caught Rowan’s attention, as I’m certain it will capture the minds and hearts of your children too.

I received a copy from Sterling Publishing for promotional purposes. Any opinions in this post are honest, and our own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

DADDIES DO is a fun filled whimsical read. It’s full of beautifully illustrated and colorful pages containing activities that daddies do with their kids.


While Rowan is only 3 months old and doesn’t yet comprehend what is being read to him at this stage, the bright colors on the pages captured his eye and attention. He was all smiles and content just being there nestled in his daddies arms and hearing his voice. He may be a bit too young yet for daddy to be doing some of the things with him. As he gets older he’ll have fun and look back on the book and say “remember when you read this to me and I was too young to have all that fun”. Well, at least I’m hoping he does.

The book is full of fun times and little moments such as bath time, washing your child’s hair while making funny hairdos and so much more. Each memory has a father with his child which are represented in the form of cute animals.

DADDIES DO pages come to life

A bird in a nest, a maple leaf in the tree and so much more are much harder to see when you are just a small child. Things are so much easier to admire and enjoy when they are more easily seen. I know my son will be lifting Rowan up onto his shoulders one day.

DADDIES DO thats who

Other animals included are a delightful bird who teaches his baby to fly, a polar bear who gives his cub the best hugs and an octopus who cheers up his sick kiddo.

I love this book because it’s not overly wordy. Each page has up to 4 lines maximum and are written in the form of little poems that rhyme.

Who hugs me and holds me
After a long day at work
Who reads to me and bathes me
And tucks me in bed………. DADDY DOES…that’s who!
DADDIES DO father and son

With Father’s Day fast approaching, DADDIES DO would be the perfect gift!

About the Author:
Lezlie Evans is the award-winning author of numerous picture books, including Can You Count Ten Toes? (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) and Finding Christmas (Albert Whitman). Lezlie is an avid speaker and proponent for early childhood literacy, and a member of the Children’s Book Guild of Washington, DC. The inspiration for Daddies Do came from watching her six children wrestle, read, and eat pancakes with their daddy! Visit her at Lezlieevans.com.

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  1. Judy Williams

    It’s so much fun for kids to read about Daddies and realize they have the best one!!

  2. Allie f

    Daddies have a unique bond with their kids around sports and games, and different voices attributed to reading characters in books!

  3. Marina

    This looks like a book I would like to read because of the colourful and cute drawings and there are not many books about fathers and their children.

  4. Lynda Cook

    I love this, sounds like a great book and I love that it’s daddies, you don’t see to many books with daddy!!

    • amomsperspective


      Exactly!! I just had to get this one. It’s not often you see books that are for daddies. Daddies do all that stuff and more too! 🙂

  5. Holly

    It looks like a sweet book. A sure read for daddies with their babies!

  6. Cassandra Gale

    It looks like a great book. Perfect that it’s geared towards dad’s as well since you don’t see alot of books for daddys.

  7. John Smith

    “Please leave a comment on this blog post telling me what it is about DADDIES DO that appeals to you?” This strikes me as a classic picture book, with beautiful illustrations and a nice story!

  8. jan

    What a great looking book – the pictures and the verses. Love that it is geared towards dads as that isn’t as common as mom.

  9. Nancy

    I like that this book is about children and their daddies.

  10. oliviaclow

    wow the books looks amazing

  11. Fatima Naveed

    My daughters have a strong connection with their father and can correlate!!

  12. Caroline Lozinski

    I love that it is amazing book , showcasing all that daddies do or can do with their children , and a daddy can read it to his child ♥️

  13. Paula G

    I have a son-in-law who absolutely proves that Daddies Do! He’d love to read this to his 2 small sons 🙂

  14. kristen visser

    I absolutely love the graphics but most of all I just love the idea that it is all about daddy and what daddy does. my girls absolutely love their daddy and with him working all day, when he comes home he plays with them and then he is the one that reads books to them. This would be an absolutely perfect addition to story time

  15. Sarah

    Dad’s play an important role in their kids lives and I love that this book highlights that! Thanks 🙂

  16. Carole Dube

    I love that’s it’s a book about daddy! The illustration are beautiful!

  17. Alanna W

    I love that it focuses on all the special roles dads play in their kids’ lives.

  18. Calvin

    I like the artsy watercolour drawings. It’s a memorable piece

  19. Marlene V

    It’s a great book for daddy to share with the kids! Kids love Daddy time!

  20. Heather Cranmer

    I love how it shows that Daddies can do things like mommies can too. I love books about dads. My husband would love to read this to our 3 year old.

  21. June Donnelly

    I love this book. It shows the bond between Daddy and his kids. I would love this for my grandchildren

  22. Linda

    I love that this book shows the father in the primary caregiver position. Not enough books do this.

  23. HEIDI C.

    I love that this places the emphasis on dads’ roles in their children’s lives and the importance of dads spending quiet time with their kids.

  24. Nicole Lancaster

    The cute illustrations and story of the bond fathers have with their child is what make the book DADDIES DO appeal to me.

  25. Leela

    It looks like a sweet book for daddies and kids to share together.

  26. Lesley F

    It sounds like such a cute book that I know my son would love to read to his daughter

  27. Betty

    We are encouraging our granddaughter to love books like her parents had read to them. This appears to be a great book to do this with

  28. I love that this book is about daddies. Daddy will definitely love reading this book to his son.
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  29. Carina Vause

    Dads are always being portrayed as these detached beings who barely know their kids names and “babysit” when the wives/moms go out for the evening, yet this isn’t the case with the dads in my world. Id love to present this book to my cousin, who is the newest dad in our family, in honour of him being another cool dad in our family.

    thanks for the chance

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