DashGrab-PromoPhotoI have had my phone for quite some time and it still looks as if I bought it only yesterday. My hubby on the other hand has gone through about 10 phones (or better) in the past couple years alone. He has either dropped them in the field, ran over them with a tractor, lost them from his belt clip ( hence dropping it as well). Actually, any way he could use and abuse a phone he as found some way to do it.

I already had a preconceived notion of HOW my hubby was going to use this Universal Phone Mount. We’ll get to that in a bit. First…what is so special about the Dash Grab Universal Phone Mount?

Attach it on the dash of your car or truck….even put it in your boat!! Wherever you carry your phone and want hands free or safe storage or need something to be held the Dash Grab Universal Phone Mount is for you.

Dash Grab Universal Phone Mount-Boat 001

Dash Grab Universal Phone Mount-Boat 003


Dash Grab Universal Phone Mount -Tractor

He loves the Dash Grab Universal Phone Mount & attaches it to the Tractor when working!!! No more dropped, lost or broken phones while working on the farm now at least – I LOVE that!!! and so does our bank account (hehe)


Most of his phones have become victim to being lost in the fields on the farm or ran over by the tractor. Now you’re probably asking yourself…ummm…why? …how come?? He usually has his phone with him in one of those cheap dollar store phone holders that have a clip so his phone is at his side attached to his belt. The problem with these cheaply made devices is that they 1. Can easily break and 2. They have a tendency to become un-clipped and slip off quite easily when it gets banged or brushed up against something. Countless times he has come in the house saying “Honeyyyyyyy…I can’t find my phone, it must have fallen off while I was on the tractor bailing hay” or ” I lost my phone while I was chopping wood.”


I always make him take his phone out with him for a safety issue. Not only does he lose things at the drop of a hat but he has a tendency to leak blood as soon as he ventures outside (and I thought I was accident prone). Whether by banging his knuckles changing farm implement parts, whacking his hand with a hammer or worse yet taking a spill on the quad (the list is endless) is the reason I have him take his cell phone with him when he ventures anywhere outside of this house. With the Dash Grab Universal Phone Mount I now have that piece of mind that I will be able to reach him if need be and he can reach me in case of an emergency.


Dash Grab Universal Phone Mount 006

Keep Flashlights at the ready!!! Attach your Dash Grab to the Fridge




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Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Infernal Innovations for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.