Dial Advanced Bar Soap with Lather PocketsI have pretty much steered clear from bar soaps. Other than a homemade soap about a year ago.. I have found, in the past, that they tend to dry my skin out, make my skin uncomfortably tight and not to mention itchy. As a result, I have used nothing but liquid body washes and soaps.

Lather Pockets



Having such negative responses in regards to soap and my skin in the past, I was excited and hesitant at the same time in trying this soap. I have used it multiple times for a one week period and let me tell you that I was shocked at the result.

Dial Canada’s Advanced Bar Soap with Lather Pockets is excellent. It produces a great lather and gently cleans my skin. I was so surprised that my skin did not tighten at all after getting out of the shower and drying off. My skin did not get that chalky white colour to it where I could wet my skin and it would change colour. I didn’t have to grab the tube of moisturizer and butter my skin up like a Thanksgiving Turkey to hydrate my skin afterwards. My skin felt so soft, smooth and hydrated which I attribute to theAloe and Vitamin E in the bar.

I am also all about scent!! If it doesn’t have a nice aroma to it, chances are I am not going to use it. I cannot tell you how much this bar smells absolutely great!!! Maybe someday they will come out with a virtual scratch n sniff, but, until that day comes, you’ll just have to take my word for it. The scent is wonderful but not overbearing, to me anyhow.

Surprisingly, I didn’t drop the soap!!! We all have been there, I think, at least I know I have and we all know that soap is slippery when wet. The shape of the soap fits so well into the palm of your hand which makes it easier to handle and keep a grip on it.

My opinion on bar soap has been changed after using the  NEW Advanced Bar Soap with Lather Pockets. It is definitely a product that I would purchase and use again in the future.

New Dial Advanced Bar Soap



A Note from our Sponsor:
Your bar soap just got an upgrade, and it’s looking really good! Discover a world of indulgent lather with NEW Dial® ADVANCED Bar Soap for a gentle clean. Designed to be moisture-rich and non-drying, to deliver a new level of clean to your skin. NEW Dial® ADVANCED Bar Soap has an ergonomic shape which makes it easy to use, whether you’re the loofah type, wash cloth type or keep-it-simple type of user.

Its advanced formula, which contains aloe & vitamin E will leave your skin feeling healthy and soft.

NEW Dial® ADVANCED Bar Soap will be available March 2016 at national retailers including: Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and Loblaws.

Suggested retail price of $8.99 (6-141g bars/pack), $3.29 (2-141g bars/pack).

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~ Christine