Dinner Meal Planning for August 21-27

Weekly Dinner Meal Plan for August 21-27

This is the last full week of Summer Vacation (and I’m not at all upset about it either)! This week we’re having some fun meals like tacos, cheese burgers,  stuffed chicken and steak. I try to do budget meals as much as possible (I define any meal I can prepare including side dishes for under $15 a budget meal). This week we are having two “splurge” meals (steak and stuffed chicken), and we normally have Breakfast for Dinner at least twice a month (including this week). For our steak meal, I bought a box of Black Angus steak at Walmart for $19.47. We can get two meals out of each box, so its not really a true splurge.

Ingredients for dinner this week should be around $100, and there will be some leftovers  (I cook for 3 adults and 3 kids, except on Sunday when its for 4 adults and 3 kids). I know I’ve seen many posts about being able to cook for a family for under $10 every night, or $5 meals etc, but in my experience I find it completely unrealistic unless we want to eat soup every night (we don’t).  If I can get everything we need for dinners for $100 or less for the week, I feel like I’ve done a good job (and that we’re eating well)!

Sunday – “Rainbow” Tacos (with tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, cheddar cheese, rice, corn and baked beans) *BUDGET MEAL*  Including cheese, sour cream, and all the other toppings, total dinner cost is under $15 (and some of it will be used for dinner tomorrow night)

Weekly Dinner Meal Plan for August 21-27-1 Weekly Dinner Meal Plan for August 21-27-2

MondayStuffed Peppers (with the leftover rice, corn and beans from last night) (will add recipe) *BUDGET MEAL* Total dinner cost will be $10 (plus some of the leftovers from last night)

Weekly Dinner Meal Plan for August 21-27-3

Tuesday – Cheese Burgers, fries & gravy *BUDGET MEAL* I can normally make this for everyone for around $15 (with leftovers for two of my picky ones for tomorrow night)

WednesdaySausage & Gnocchi Skillet & salad *BUDGET MEAL* Including salad, total cost for this meal is around $10

Thursday – Steak, vegetables & Perogy Stuffed Shells

Weekly Dinner Meal Plan for August 21-27-4 Weekly Dinner Meal Plan for August 21-27-5

WednesdayStuffed Chicken Parmesan & garlic buttered noodles, vegetables

Saturday – Breakfast for Dinner