EcoDiscoveries-HarvestFoodWashPreservativeEcoDiscoveries Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray

EcoDiscoveries Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray is an excellent tool for removing impurities such as bacteria, wax, soil and other contaminants from your food and is considered a ‘Biopreferred” product.

Residual pesticides are washed away when using EcoDiscoveries Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray therefore making the product excellent for those with chemical sensitivities or compromised immune systems.

EcoDiscoveries reduces waste by providing Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray to you with an empty refillable 32oz bottle accompanied by a 2oz bottle of Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray concentrate.

Simply pour the concentrate into the bottle, mix with water and you’re all set. When you require more product simply purchase the Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray concentrate refill bottles.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, plant-derived surfacants, vegetable derived glycerin and inorganic mineral salts.


DOES NOT CONTAIN: Phenols, Quanternary compounds, chlorine(including chlorine dioxide), triclosan, terpones, phosphates, dioxane(from ethoxylated surfacants) or SLS(Sodium Laurel Sulphates)

Why the empty bottle??

To reduce the amount of product being shipped thus lowering the cost of fuel to transport the product and also encourages customers to re-use the bottles. EcoDiscoveries was one of the first green cleaning companies to make this commitment and implement within their business model.



I have always felt that rinsing my food, especially fruits and vegetables with water just wasn’t enough. I had not known that a product like this even existed until now!! I am happy that it does as we never know where our produce has been. Aside from the local farmer with whom we trust as we know the food came from the ground, was rinsed and then sold to us to feed our families we still need to wash our food prior to consumption. Considering the alternative where our produce is shipped, I tremble at the thought of just how many hands those items have passed through to make it just to my local grocery store within the winter months.

Too many times it seems as of late I have been hearing on the news about contaminated lettuce or tomatoes. Each and every time I visit my doctor I see the advertisement for pregnant woman and the elderly to make sure to wash their foods thoroughly. I always thought to myself “Wash with what??? Water? What is that going to do??

Not only is EcoDiscoveries Harvest Food Wash & Preservative Spray the answer but there is more to this Eco-friendly liquid as it prolongs the shelf life of food as well when instructions are followed.
How does the spray prolong the shelf life? Simply by removing the impurities!! Removing the impurities means that there is no bacteria to age the food faster. It’s not a fountain of youth for produce, it’s just logic.

I had some apples that have been calling my name and so I put the spray to the test. It did remove the wax!! I liked that very much. I find that even with rinsing with water the wax remains on the food and what good is that? No good at all.


Non-Toxic * Fragrance-Free * Hypoallergenic * Chlorine-Free * Petroleum-Free * Glycol-Free * Phosphate-Free * Ammonia-Free * Caustic-Free * Dye-Free * Biodegradable * No Animal Testing


Purchase this amazing product on the EcoDiscoveries website HERE
Starter Kit $9.99 – 2oz Concentrate 2pack $13.99


Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from EcoDiscoveries for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.


~ Christine