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100% Pure Beeswax Emergency Candle #review #giveaway

Honey Candles

100% Pure Beeswax Candles

emergency candle

Honey Candles is a boutique Canadian company located near Kaslo in Southern British Columbia. Honey Candles is not your ‘average’ beeswax candle maker. Honey Candles began in 1994, and every candle made is hand poured or hand dipped.

Honey Candles makes a variety of candles including pillars, votives, tealights, birthday candles, holiday/ornamental candles, and more. The candles are made with love, and you can feel the quality in each one.

The Emergency Candle is the perfect multi-functional essential for just about everyone. It is a complete kit that is perfect for power outages at home, hiking, camping, or even in your vehicle in case of an emergency. Packaged in a durable can with tight fitting lid, it comes with a pack of matches and cooking straps.

emergency candle

Emergency Candle Kit

The tin is stylish, and can be re-purposed once the candle has fully burned.

emergency candle

Beeswax burns longer, and hotter, than other waxes. With a burn time of 24 hours, the Emergency Candle is perfect for cooking, providing light, and even providing warmth.

emergency candle

How to use your Emergency Candle

For Light and Warmth:

  • Remove straps and matches from the can.
  • Light the wick and place the candle in a safe place.

Warming Food/Water:

  • Place each of the metal straps on the can rim.
  • Bend each strap slightly towards the outside of the can.
  • Set in a safe place. Light the wick.
  • Burn for 5 minutes. Place opened tin or pot on straps, stirring occasionally.

Other tips for using your Emergency Candle:

  • If the flame flutters or begins to smoke, trim the wick.
  • To prevent wick tunneling, burn candle for at least two hours (or until the wax melts to the edge of the can).
  • For best results, use a can that sits firmly on the straps and is smaller than the diameter of the candle.
  • The heating time depends on the volume and starting temperature.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.

What I liked best about the Emergency Candle is it gives me peace of mind. I love that it allows for a full 24 hours of burn time, and that there are no added scents/fragrances (making this suitable for those like me with severe scent allergies). I love that it is all natural, non-toxic and non-allergenic. I like that it is lightweight and extremely portable, and that the tight fitting lid keeps everything,  including the matches, dry.

emergency candle emergency candle

The Emergency Candle is perfect for everyone who spends time outdoors (camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc), for your vehicle in case of an emergency, and for home for when the power goes out. Every emergency kit could benefit from The Honey Candles Emergency Candle. It provides needed warmth, light and a way to heat up your food or water if needed.

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Buy it!

You can purchase your own emergency candle from Honey Candles online here for $22.99.

Win it!

One (1) lucky Canadian reader is going to win an Emergency Candle ($22.99).

emergency candle

There will be ONE (1) Winner

Eligibility: Canada only

End Date: June 18, 2017

Good Luck!

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Andrea resides in Calgary, Alberta, and is the proud mom to five boys between the ages of 7-22. Running mainly on coffee and sarcasm, in her spare time she enjoys listening to Canadian Rock, watching Calgary Flames hockey, reading YA Dystopian novels, and binge watching 90s television on Netflix.

This giveaway is hosted by A Mom’s Perspective and sponsored by Honey Candles. A Mom’s Perspective is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Disclosure: I received samples from Honey Candle for testing and review purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

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  1. Lynda Cook

    This would be awesome to have, and another product that I would like is the pine cones and Christmas trees for Christmas, I love how real they look!!

  2. Kate Hearn

    The citronella essential oil candle. Could use it on my deck

  3. Cheryl Grandy

    I’d like to get the Beeswax Tealights.

  4. Allie f

    I’d love to try the beeswax tea lights

  5. OpheliaC

    The beeswax gala candles!!!!!

  6. Another product I would like is the Beeswax – 2 Inch Red Votive. It would look nice in my room.
    Stephanie LaPlante recently posted…American Girl Doll ReviewMy Profile

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Definitely the Beeswax – Yule Tree – Forest Green, that would be marvellous for Christmas time. 🙂

  8. Robyn L

    I’d like to try the Beeswax – Rose Bouquet; thanks.

  9. Melissa Bowers

    I would also like to try out the Beeswax – Birthday Candles – Pastel-Bag of 10 packs Thank you

  10. I like the Beeswax – Ponderosa Pine Cone – Brown.

  11. melissa marie

    I would also love to try the Beeswax – Country Lavender Essential Oil Tin.

  12. jan

    The Kootenay Forest Essential Oil Tin is one I’d like to try

  13. Judy Cowan

    Would also love to try the Beeswax – Citronella Essential Oil Tin at our trailer to see if it would help keep the mosquitoes away.

  14. Florence Cochrane

    I like to try the Beeswax – Mulled Spice Essential Oil Tin

  15. DebP

    I think the Beewax Peek-a-Bee Pill Pillar is really cute.

  16. Gillian Morgan

    I would love to try the Beeswax – Ponderosa Pine Cone – Brown.

  17. Rosanne Robinson

    Another product I would love to try is the Beeswax – Rose Bouquet.

  18. Debbie White Beattie

    I would love to try the 100% Pure Beeswax – Hand Dripped Pillars

  19. Heather Howard

    This emergency candle would definitely be useful to us. Every year we either have a summer or winter power outtage and end up with no light, heat or way to warm up food. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Another product I would like to get some day would be the 100% Pure Beeswax – Essential Tins – Candles scented with essential oils.

  20. Heather Swanson

    I like tealights

  21. Alexander Lim

    I’d like to try the citronella candle at the trailer !

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    I would love to try the Rosemary Mint Essential Oil Tin beeswax candle.

  23. Gord

    We would love to try the Beeswax – 7×3 Forest Green Square Pillar.

  24. Debbie Petch

    I would love to get the Beeswax – Triangle Pearl Tealights – 6 Pack.

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    I love the Beeswax – Medallion – Dragonfly.

  26. nicky

    I’d also love the Beeswax – Birthday Candles-Royal!

  27. Dani

    Sounds like a great candle kit to put aside for power outages in the winter. Thanks!

  28. Louise

    100% Pure Beeswax – Votives in red I think it would be perfect for christmas

  29. Sharon

    I would also like to try the essential tins

  30. Karen Evans

    I really like the “Flower Beeswax” that they had a picture of, on their main page, but I didn’t see them in “All Beeswax Products”, so my next choice would be “100% Pure Beeswax – Ornamental Candles”

  31. I would love the square pillars.

  32. I would like to try Beeswax Birthday candles Royal…

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    I would choose the 100% Pure Beeswax – 7×3 Square Pillars because I like the style of those candles!

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    I would love the Ponderosa Pine Cone in Brown. Wouldn’t have to be just for Christmas, it would go very well in my house year round.

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    I’d love to try the Beeswax Birthday candles Royal

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    I would love the Beeswax Block!

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    i would like some tealights

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    I like the natural beeswax birthday candles!

  43. I would like to try the Beeswax Yule tree.

  44. Cairine

    I would like the Mountain Jade Round Pillar.

  45. Alison Braidwood

    I make my grandmother’s pink salve (secret family recipe). It requires beeswax as one of the ingredients, so I’d totally buy beeswax blocks from them.

  46. I’d like to try any of the beeswax candles

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    Beeswax tea lights. Lovely items!

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    I would love to try the Beeswax Birthday Candles Royal

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    I would love to try the citronella essential oil candle

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    100% Pure Beeswax – 7×3.25 Heritage Drip Pillar is something I’d like to try. It looks unique!

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    i like the beeswax tea lites

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    I’d love to try the Beeswax Country Lavender Essential Oil Tin.

  53. Jennifer C.

    I would, also, love the “Beeswax – Ponderosa Pine Cone – Natural!” It is so cute! 🙂

  54. The beeswax citronella tin to put on my patio to keep the mosquitos away !

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    I would love to try all the 100% Pure Beeswax – Round Pillars
    3×3, 5×3 and 7X3 sizes!!!!

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    I also would love to have the Beeswax – Tealights in Clear Cups – Case of 48

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  63. Another product that loos fabulous and I would love to try is the Beeswax – Rose Bouquet. It would smell amazing! 🙂

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    Would love to try the Citronella Essential Oil Tin

  65. I like the peek-a-bee pillar

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  71. I am a huge candle lover! The round pillars look really nice!

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    I love the handdipped pillar candles and would love to try them

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