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Enviro Fresh-Odor Out & Slurp ‘n Fresh: Earth Conscious Products that Work


Last week my house was a bit of a construction zone. In August, the kid’s bathroom sink over-flowed leaving a big swampy mess that resulted in some damage to the ceiling on the main level.  We had corrugated cardboard taped to the floor, plastic tape over the carpet,  and when they have been working on the ceiling there was plastic sheeting put up to protect the counters/walls etc. The cats were NOT happy, and showed some signs of being stressed out. They really don’t like change, and they didn’t like the furniture being moved, their food bowls being moved, and the workmen in the house.

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They really really didn’t like the loud fans that were used to help speed up drying time. Although generally speaking they tend to like cardboard (hello empty box, I must sit in you),  they really hate the noise that is made when anyone, including themselves, walk on it.






Odor Out

When the boys got home from school last Wednesday, my 9 year old noticed that one of the cats (probably Eddie, its ALWAYS Eddie) urinated in his bedroom and also in a basket of clean laundry I had left in the laundry room. Luckily I had a bottle of Odor Out Cat Urine & Other Odors that I had received from Enviro Fresh earlier in the week.


Odor Out is good for use on ALL surfaces (carpets, floors, etc) AND also safe to use in the laundry (always check the colour fastness before using)!

To use on hard surfaces, spray on and let air dry. To use on fabrics, dilute 1 part Odor Out to 5 parts water and apply from the furthest area affected towards the middle of the affected area. Always read and follow all directions included on the product, and always keep out of reach of children.

For the carpet I sprayed the Odor Out on full strength according to the directions, and we allowed to dry. We repeated one time just to make sure we covered the entire area that was affected. Thankfully it was just a small area by my son’s door.   The affected laundry item was a big fluffy towel, so I treated the towel according to the directions (1 part product to 5 parts water), and once that was done I washed the entire load of laundry (mostly towels) like normal.

The Results:

Let me start by saying that I have used dozens of different products over the years to try to help rid problems areas of cat urine smell with varying degrees of success. Because I have scent (and other) allergies, I’m quite limited to what I can use because I react to almost everything. Most products designed to get rid of smells of any kind are heavily scented, meaning I’m heavily allergic. The Odor Out I was provided with is UNSCENTED! The ONLY smell I could discern from it was a light minty smell which is from natural mint and nothing synthetic, flowery, etc.

I’m pleased to say that Odor Out did the trick, and my son’s room smells like it always does, free from the awfulness that is cat urine AND the laundry, specifically the fluffy towel, smell clean and no one would ever know that the cat had an accident!

Slurp ‘n Fresh


Enviro Fresh also sent me a bottle of Slurp ‘n Fresh oral hygiene solution which helps eliminate bad kitty breath! Its really easy to use! When you change your cat’s water, you add in a small amount of Slurp ‘n Fresh which will help soften plaque & tarter, and eliminate bad breath that is caused by the same compounds that are responsible for tooth decay and gum disease! Walmart sells Slurp ‘n Fresh for less than $5 a bottle, so its really affordable!

This is a great solution for cats who don’t like having their teeth brushed. I have never known a cat that enjoyed having their teeth brushed, and Eddie and Tux are no exception to that rule.

According to the information insert that I received with the Slurp ‘n Fresh,  periodontal disease is the #1 problem veterinarians see in cats (and dogs)? By the age of 3, almost 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will show signs of tooth decay and gum disease which can lead to more serious problems involving the kidney, liver and even the heart. Slurp ‘n Fresh doesn’t take the place of brushing or regular mouth care, but it will help!

Not only will Slurp ‘n Fresh help with bad breath, it will also reduce the smells that come from the litter box (fecal and urine odor).


Slurp ‘n Fresh is made in Canada, contains natural plant extracts and is 100% Food Grade quality. There are no artificial colours, sweeteners, salt or alcohol! Slurp ‘n Fresh is inexpensive, so very budget friendly!

So the big question is: Will Eddie and Tux notice that I added anything to their water? The Slurp ‘n Fresh has a really light minty smell to it, so I’m curious if it also has a taste that the cats will notice.

My cats have two water bowls, and we change the water twice a day (unless its hot and then we change it more frequently). The first night I added the slurp ‘n fresh to only one bowl.  I did the same in the morning when I freshened up their water. The second night I added it to both bowls.


The Results:

Eddie and Tux didn’t seem to notice that anything was added to their water! I didn’t notice any difference to their water drinking pattern at all, and they seem happy and content as always! The litter box is also a little less toxic! Overall, I’m very happy with the Slurp ‘n Fresh and will continue to buy and use it in the future!

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Enviro Fresh has more products which you can check out on their website: HERE

Other Social Media Outlets:

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Where to Buy: See if there is a retailer near you: http://www.envirofresh.com/wheretobuy.htm

A Mom’s Perspective has partnered with Enviro Fresh to bring you another great giveaway, this time for Cat parents!

There will be (1) Winner drawn for the Prize Pack consisting of:
* One(1) Odor Out Cat Urine & Other Odors 950ml
* One(1) Slurp ‘n Fresh For Cats 400ml


Eligibility: Canadian Residents Only.  18+

End Date:  November 17 2016.

Good Luck!

Please note:
All Mandatory entries must be done for the extra (optional) entries to count.
All entries are checked and will be validated.

One winner will be randomly selected using the Giveaway Tools random selector and notified via email.

This giveaway is hosted by A Mom’s Perspective and sponsored by Enviro Fresh.
A Mom’s Perspective is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Enviro Fresh for testing purposes. Opinions in this post are my own and have not been altered or influenced in any way.



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  1. My cats are Bonkers, Bailey and Maggie-Sue. I need this as I don’t like the smell of cats in the house.

  2. Sheryl Bullard

    my cats are Lucky and Summer..summer is not doing well she has been slipping away slowly but we do not yet want to put her down as she seems pain free her worst issue for us is she is peeing everywhere and we have tried so many products to get rid of odor this sounds like it could work..

  3. l p

    don’t own any cats/kittens but they are welcome guests so this prize will be more than welcome. thanks

  4. Judy Cowan

    Our cats are Nickie & Jasmine. I hate the smell of cat urine and have tried several products so would love to try out the Odor Out and see how it works!

  5. Cloe St-Amour

    We have 2 cats (Boys) Buddy and Lonnie, they are generally good indoor cats however Buddy tends to have an accident once in a while ( 12 Years old) and well they both have stinky breath hehe, thank you so much for the giveaway!

  6. Scott MacMillan

    I have a Siamese named Champagne Charlie and a mixed Oriental named MaiLan.I could use some help with litter box odour.

  7. Sue Blackwell

    I have 4 cats, Kitty, Baby, Snickers and Narnie, I would love to try this product, keeping up with these cats is constant.

  8. Karen C.

    Carlos & Felix – they need this

  9. Wendy hutton

    I have one cat- Tom is what we call him, he is a tuxedo cat very pretty markings very similar to you kitty on here except mine has a black spot on his nose. he is very bashful too

  10. Patricia Macleod

    I would love to try this…Having 2 cats…I am always working on trying to keep the place odor free.

  11. Helen

    the winning cat will be Webster, I can sense it. He is a real winner, after all

  12. Amy C

    I have one Kitty, her name is Lucy.

  13. Robyn Bellefleur

    My cats are Cleo and Chico.

  14. Anne-Marie Tvete

    I don’t have a cat, but I do have a small senior dog and we experience the same problems with him.

  15. Lynda Cook

    I only have one cat in a house full of dogs but he is cool with that, his name is Jack and he is my black beauty and the boss of the dogs too, this would be great to use on the hair ball spots, he brings up hairballs once in awhile and its just ewww

  16. Tara Betterley

    My cat is Cooper and he is a Bengal Cat. He loves running through the house and playing on his wheel for daily exercise.

  17. patricia furlong

    mittens and peanut 🙂 they love to hunt and play. they go on so crazy

  18. We have just the one spoiled kitty named Turbo!

  19. I have 8 beautiful rescues and their names are; Rosie, Lucy, Peanut, Bubba, Molly, Archie, Ozzy and Bitsy.
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  20. This would be for my Grand Cat Sir Theodore

  21. Gord

    My cats are Patience and Buddy. I would like to win these products because although we clean the litter box as soon as it gets used the smell is something awful!

  22. 409cope

    My cat is Shady. I would like to win as sometimes my little guys litter can get stinky and I am always worried that guests might smell it.

  23. Aarone Mawdsley

    my cat is named dexter

  24. Barb W

    We have 2 cats; they are mom and daughter, Zoey and Smokey.

  25. My cat Aries passed away recently (she was 18) but the cat smells on our carpet are still there….

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo
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  26. Caryn Coates

    Our cats name is Smokey.

  27. Jenny Ha

    Our cats our Big Guy and Baby Guy. I would love to win because I had the unfortunate discovery of cat pee on our big comforter and piles of our kids clean clothes!

  28. I would love to win this because we have 3 cats. Max, Minnie and Smokey. Our oldest Cat Max gets crystals in his urine, and peed in the spare bedroom. I have tried lots of things to get the smell out. And have not had much luck. Would love to try this before we take the carpet out and replace it. Thanks for the giveaway

  29. lori butler

    Mr. Mini

  30. My cat is named Midas Le Mew
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  31. Rebby

    My cats name is Baby but I’d like to win because I’m a cat sitter and have had to clean up alot of pee!

  32. Irene Eichler

    I have 3 babies Oreo who is 15 Lucy who is 11 and baby Minny who is 1 . My two old girls have accidents sometime and I have tried everything like you most smells give me headaches .. so I will definitely be looking for this product to try !

  33. Kim K

    I have a black tabby named Allie.

  34. Allie f

    Maddie is my sweet kitty’s name and I would love to win because she creates quite a mess and slew of odours which permeate my tiny 650 square foot lodgings.

  35. Loribeth

    My cat is Eugene and he’s a furry little jerk that likes to pee on towels.

  36. laura

    Tucker is my kitty I love that stinker to dealth

  37. cheryl hodgkins

    I have a 5 month old made kitten named Jax

  38. Jennifer P.

    My cat’s name is Desi. He is the cutest tabby who we adopted from a shelter back in April. His first birthday is later this month. 🙂

  39. AshleyAC

    I would like to win this because it would be a good way to try out this product which I never tried before.

  40. Chanel

    My cats are named Penny and Darwin 🙂

  41. Paige Sharp

    My Cats name is Snoopy hes 1 years old and i just adopted him. I would like to win because snoopy is a stinky cat lol

  42. Mary Simpson

    I have many rescue kittens in my care would love to give this a try.

  43. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    my cat’s name is george

  44. joy

    i would like to win as my in-laws have a lot of cats and this would make a great gift for them! thanks for the chance!

  45. Alison Braidwood

    My cats are Milo and Daisy. They’re pretty good at keeping it in the litter box, so I haven’t had any pee issues. Milo does have gingivitis, so I’ve tried a variety of water additives, but not Slurp n Fresh, so far. I’m always looking for something they won’t mind in their water.

  46. Michelle W

    My cat is Pepper, he has urinary problems and has to be on prescription food.

  47. Joanne Saunders

    My cat’s name is Sir Samuel J Saunders.

  48. Carrie M

    With 2 cats and 2 kittens this would be so useful! 🙂

  49. Laurie W.

    My beautiful black medium-haired rescue kitty, Piper, could really use both of these products. Thanks for the chance. 🙂

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