pepe le pewOhhhhhh the joys of summer. The warm breezes, sun shining and with that comes more time spent outdoors. If you are like me, you spend as much time as you can soaking up those glorious rays. Whether it be gardening, camping or just taking a long hike in the woods. Part of these outdoor adventures can include taking extended family members along.

We all know that tell tale scent of when a skunk is in the area. Most often they cannot be seen but we know they are there. If your four legged fur baby is anything like mine, they will seek out that Pepe le Pew.

One would tend to think that a one time encounter would be enough to deter Fido from even entertaining the idea of getting up close and personal yet again. Not mine!

What seems like the 100th time, I bring out the home remedies such as Tomatoe juice, etc and as always, it doesn’t work.

My poor Chase has been banished to the garage or basement more times than I can count. The canine cologne is just too overwhelming. It is a three person job to give him a bath. One to bathe and two to get him into the water. He does like water, once he is in the tub, or pool, but it’s the getting him in there that is the chore.

Chase-Apple Melon Designs

This year, our newest addition to the family, Tracker, was christened with the spray of the kind skunk. Lucky me!! Hopefully, for her sake and mine, this will be the 1st and last time and I am crossing my fingers she has learned from the experience. Tracker loves the water and is lightweight, so in that I am thankful as I can bathe her myself.


The solution which is primarily made with natural plant extracts and food grade preservatives can be safely used on pets, in the laundry and to freshen the air from the foul scent. The container itself is recyclable, which to me is a bonus!

Never Tested on Animals. See the  Material Safety Data Sheet

Rescue Shelters and Humane Societies often use EnviroFresh in their facilites.

Method 1: Just by using 1 part shampoo and 1 part Skunk Out ( 2 oz of shampoo and diluting it you can add 2 oz of Skunk Out), the scent of the skunk will become a thing of the past.

Method 2: Spray your four legged furry family member with the solution directly from the bottle.

I could not believe how well the product worked. What I really did love was that I could add the solution to the laundry when I washed the towels that I had used on Tracker. The skunk smell was gone. I also sprayed it in the air and it removed the smelly odor from the air. It was like it never happened.

If you have areas around your home, such as I do. You know the ones! Those swamp like areas that contain stagnant water that emit that foul odor. To me the smell is akin to a skunk (or worse). EnviroFresh’s Odor Out is awesome for that too.

My mini pig Arnold loves bathing in the cesspool of stagnant mud and water. You can smell him a mile away. I bathed him with the product and the odor was gone. Arnie loves his baths so it was a breeze.


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