EnviroFresh-SlurpnFreshTo be quite honest, I had never heard of the company or product prior to my winning the contest. For me that was a win win as I am always seeking out companies and products and entering contests has been an excellent way for me to become familiar with brands that I have been unaware of.

After receiving the product, my furbabies, especially Tracker, were hopefully on their way to fresh breath and good oral hygiene.



Tracker is (in my eyes anyhow) the perfect pooch. This being said her breath has been a little less than to be desired. Her teeth are pearly white with zero plaque build-up. She eats healthy or rather somewhat and I say somewhat due to the “extra’s” she picks up along the way.



Tremmor is the most cutest, tamest and gentlest Billy I have yet to meet. That’s not saying much since I have only been in contact with a few in my lifetime. I, in the past, have had Nanny Goats. Tremmor was hand raised and I am his mommy.

Why are you showing me a pic of your goat? you ask!

Tracker & Tremmor: Like Peas & Carrots


Tracker and Tremmor are the best of friends. They could run and play together all day long. Tracker has been known to steal a blade of grass or two from Tremmor or even graze alongside him. The problem is that Tracker thinks Tremmor is her own personal pez machine. What do you mean by pez machine? you ask! Well, quite simply put is that Tracker lifts Tremmors tail and the “candy” comes out. If you get my drift. Disgusting – oh yeah! This makes Tracker’s kisses very unappreciated to say the least.

I can honestly say since using EnviroFresh’s Slurp ‘n Fresh, Tracker’s breath has never been so “clean”. In less than a day the foul breath was a thing of the past.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Each day since receiving the product, I placed 1/2 a teaspoon to 1 cup of water in Trackers bowl. The liquid has no scent or odor emitting from it, which was great as I was afraid that Tracker might sense something added to her water and not want to drink it.

Aside from the benefit of fresh breath, EnviroFresh’s Slurp ‘n Fresh is a healthy for the digestive tract and oral hygiene. Daily use reduces plaque and tartar. Oh oh oh oh and…..Slurp ‘n Fresh gets rid of SKUNK SPRAY within the mouth. Yup! You heard right! This is excellent news since my other furbaby Chase just LOVES skunks. You’d think he would have learned his lesson with his first encounter!

Slurp ‘n Fresh is NOT tested on animals and is great for Felines too!! 

The 400ml sized bottle of Slurp ‘n Fresh makes 40 Litres!!!

EnviroFresh has many more products which you can check out on their website: HERE

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Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from EnviroFresh for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.