I have some really hard people to shop for on my Christmas list. My 22 year old son is almost impossible as he has everything he needs, doesn’t want much, and what he does want he can afford to buy it himself.

My 19 year old is easier, but he never really asks for anything. This year all he has asked for are some books, new pillows and sheets and a new Build-A-Bear for his stuffed animal collection.

Build-A-Bear is great so I ended up buying all the boy’s their own bear (or dragon) except for my oldest son.

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I really needed something else to get Taylor, something fun and unexpected. He shares my sense of humour (I’m so proud!) so when I thought about it I knew EXACTLY what to get him!

Did you know that there are picture books for adults? Parody picture books! And there are TONS of them! After sorting through dozens and dozens of picture books for adults, I made my selection and I think my son is going to get a huge kick out them!

Go the F*ck to Sleep You Have to F*cking Eat K is for Knifeball

These are NOT children’s books, and are ONLY for those aged 18+. My 19 year old is going to find these really funny, and as they are totally unexpected I think I’ll get a fairly good reaction out of him. The advice in K is for Knifeball is horrible, so he should get a good laugh out of it!

Next up will be a trip to the mall to visit Spencer’s Gifts to find some things for my oldest son. He doesn’t quite share my sense of humour, but Taylor and I will enjoy finding some gifts that will most likely cause him to turn a little red in the face.

What types of gifts do you get for the hard to shop for people on your list?