The  Instax® mini 70 camera is a unique product in today’s digital world. They are becoming quite popular and make excellent gifts for tweens, teens, twenty-somethings and even an old gal like me.

I may be showing my age but for those of you too young to remember, the Instax® mini 70 is reminiscent of a the Polaroid camera that I once used as a child, many many moons ago. Okay, maybe not that long but it seems like it. I would take silly pictures of my family and pets. It was fun to see the photo emerge and take form while it developed instantly upon the ejected photo paper. I still have many old family photos that I look at and reminisce upon occasionally and most of them are Polaroids.


There is just something nostalgic looking about these photo’s or maybe it is just the memories they contain.

The  Instax® mini 70 comes with everything you see here
(minus my Duncan Royale Santa Collectibles of course).
 Instax® mini 70Instax® * Instant Film ( 10 credit card sized) * Wrist Wrap * 2 Batteries


 instax mini 70 003


 The Instax® mini 70 comes with two mini batteries which are easily inserted into the battery compartment.


 instax mini 70 004


The film cartridge simply and easily slides into the compartment, making certain that the yellow tab is on the top and facing upwards.

Once the film is nestled within, simply close the compartment door.

Turn on the instax mini camera with the power button located just to the right of the film counter.


 instax mini 70 005


Once the Instax® mini 70 is powered up, simply click the shutter button (located when my thumb is) once. This will eject the film cover and the film counter will instantly set to 10. Now you are ready to take photo’s with your instax mini 70, once you have read the user guide of course as it contains important information you should know such as taking a photo and setting the modes for the camera (auto etc.).


 instax mini 70 006

Instax® mini 70 comes in Moon White, Canary Yellow and Island Blue.

One of the fascinating features about the Instax® mini 70 is that is comes with a Selfie Mode!! Yes, you hear right. It also has aSelfie Mirror located on the front of the camera for taking those perfectly angled or group selfies.

If you are a crafty person and obsessively into the DIY, the Instax® mini 70 can be the perfect companion for many a creative artwork.

List of my DIY Ideas:
Cards for All Occasion
Memento Boxes

Photo ID Tags for  children

Here I took some photo’s of my dog Tracker. OMG she looks so adorable! I always send Christmas cards to my friends furbabies from my furbaby. I am going to make my own this year and personalize them a lot more. I also took a photo of my Duncan Royale Kris Kringle collectible. I think it will make the perfect addition to one of my Christmas cards to send to a family member or a friends.


instax mino 70 photos 002

Another idea I had for the use of the Instax® mini 70 was to have instant memories that would be able to be touched, seen and treasured.I thought of my neighbour across the road from me. We live in a little valley with approximately 20 houses (which are more like cottages) and a few trailers thrown into the mix. Most of the residents are seasonal but there are those of us (about 8) who remain year round and my neighbor is one of them.Our neighbour has a son, we will call M(for short).. I have always felt for M as there are no other small children in the area (M is 6yrs old.). His life was recently turned upside down as his parents are now in the midst of a divorce. He toggles between his Dad’s and his Mom’s house.The idea then came to me. What if M had his own camera. Not a digital one but one that he could take a photo of him and his mom and be able to take that photo along with him when he goes to his Dads house and visa versa when he visits his mom. This way, when he misses either parent, he could then hold the photo of each. He could take silly photos and selfies and if they traveled he could always take a photo as a reminder of the adventures that he and his mom or dad made together.I wanted to include some of the photo’s that M has taken in my review but after asking (which I always do) they didn’t want their photo’s included so I need to respect their wishes.I have given my Instax® mini 70 to M so he can take many photo’s that he will no doubt cherish.The Instax® mini 70 is so easy to use, even M can use it 🙂


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