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Get Organized this Christmas with Personalized Santa Sacks

santa-sacks-giveawayDo you know there is only 68 more days until Christmas?!!! I know eh! The big day seems to creep up faster each and every year. I try to be prepared but admittedly, sometimes I fall short. Personally, I am a great wrapper of gifts, unlike my hubby and my son who couldn’t wrap a gift to save their lives. I am so glad that I found these Personalized Santa Sacks for a few reasons.

What I love about these Santa Sacks are that they are so durable. They are well made using thick 8oz canvas which is double stitched. They will definitely have a long life if properly cared for. The Santa Sacks are very large too! They measure 19″ x 27″ and have a double drawstring to close the sack.

Why do I love using Santa Sacks?

When the kids were young, they loved waking up Christmas morning and seeing all the presents. What they loved even more was the house rule. They were able to open their stockings only.  This kept them occupied until we woke up which worked amazingly well. They were quiet and content which was a blessing, especially if mommy and daddy had their fill of “special” egg nog or other spirited beverages (haha).


As the kids grew older, the stockings became more difficult to fill. Not that we ran out of ideas or things to fill them with but for the fact that the stockings became too small. Also, over time ( only a couple of years – maybe) the stockings would wear and they would need to be replaced. The names would start to disappear as well which would result in bickering Christmas morning as to whose stocking was whose.

I had an epiphany one year and made my own Santa Sacks. This is going back 25 years now.They were not the greatest and only lasted a year but I was on the right track! The Santa Sacks had so much more room to put in the awkward to wrap gifts. You know the ones! The wrapping breaks and when all is said and done it looks like a poorly made patchwork quilt or something that a toddler put together!

Today, I do not have a mantle or anywhere to hang stockings from either, so I love that the Santa Sacks will sit nicely under the tree (or anywhere else I choose to place them).

Our kids live on their own now but come to stay for the Christmas holidays. I find each year that the gifts get less and less as we age so there is no need for rolls and rolls of wrapping paper, name labels, ribbons or bows.

Using a Santa Sack saves so much money, not to mention the environment. Less wrapping paper and pretty decorative accessories means less in the landfill.

Since the sacks can be Personalized. I was given one for myself, hubby, son, my dog and one for the long term care facility that my mom resides in.

Tracker always has something under the tree for her. I have begun filling her Personalized Santa Sack. One of the items is a ball thrower. It’s long and awkward and definitely something I would not want to wrap. It fits amazingly well into the Santa Sack! All the way!


I mentioned that I got a Santa Sack for the long term care facility where my mom resides. Each year, I have filled a paper gift bag that I bring to the Manor. It is filled with generic items for everyone on her floor. There are many residents who go without gifts from family and friends as many or all have either passed away or they are simply forgotten. To see the smile on the residents faces and the sparkle in their eyes is heartwarming.

Each year, I have had to purchase a new gift bag to bring. Now that I have the personalized Santa Sack, I can simply have the nurses store it at the nursing station for me to pick up at a later date.


The Santa Sacks are a bargain and range in price from $19.99 to $22.99 CAD

There are also non-customized Santa Sacks available as well.

To order visit: https://www.santasacks.ca/

Other Social Media:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SantaSacksCanada
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SantaSacks

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Santa Sacks for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.

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  1. I must say they are very nice,i love the size and the designs and at a reasonable price.

  2. Lynda Cook

    These are so cute and adorable, they sure hold a lot more than a stocking!! love them!

  3. Debbie White Beattie

    I think this bag is a great idea because it can replace wrapping paper or gift bags

  4. vickie couturier

    i love these bags,,id like to get one for my husband

  5. Marilyn Legault

    Cute idea, will have to show this to my daughter for her kids.

  6. Dotty J Boucher

    I think these are such a great idea, I know it would make it easier to have one for all of my 9 grandchildren, and make it easier for me to find their gifts lol


  7. Tamra Phelps

    I think this is a great idea. We stopped doing stockings years ago (for my niece & nephews)–& started buying Christmas bags (like you put presents in.) But these Santa Sacks are much prettier!

  8. Brenda Haines

    I need to get one for my son, what a great idea!

  9. kathy downey

    Personalized Santa Sack is perfect,no more paper mess

  10. Cheryl MacPhail

    These look great!! I love that they are personalized!! 🙂

  11. Emily Endrizzi

    These are a very cute idea. Definitely would come in handy for hard to wrap items.

  12. Shirley OFlynn

    They are so cute! I really like the size and they can hold so much more than a stocking.

  13. Sandi Tymchuk

    These are a nice idea. I made some Christmas sacks many years ago from durable fabric, with seasonal patterns, and a drawstring closure–quite easy even for someone who can barely sew!

  14. Treen Goodwin

    the bags are so cute , great way to wrap weird shaped gifts , thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Mark Martin

    Nice Site….

  16. Martha Martin

    I like your site.

  17. Lauren Martin

    I enjoy the site articles, informative.

  18. Mary Songer

    A cute idea and very practical. I’ve had that problem of something that is large or just bulky and tough to wrap. Having an easy solution that is also festive is brilliant. Thanks for showing it to me.

  19. Julie Barrett

    Cute idea! Great for carting gifts to and from relatives houses too!

  20. AD

    Great idea! I will have to look it up and see if can grab a few…

  21. mongupp

    These remind me of the pillowcases we used to put under the tree for all our presents.

  22. Dale Steele Nicolov

    These are great.I think they would be perfect for my grand kids!

  23. Darla

    What a fun idea

  24. Kristin K

    I remember when I was young having a huge “Santa Sack” that would be found at the foot of my bed, filled with gifts, for me to wake up to! I remember one morning waking up, and starting to unwrap a present, when my mother came in and told me that it was 4am, and I should go back to sleep, after I opened the one I started, and wait for the rest of the family to wake up! LOL

  25. Laura

    What a great idea! These are perfect for the little ones!

  26. I love those Santa bags! They so much fun. Maybe our elf could leave a sack for our Santa to use.

  27. Christine Holliday

    What a smart idea…they can be reused.

  28. Tracy Taylor

    These personalized Santa Sacks would be a lot of fun. I can just imagine the suprise of a Santa Sack, stuffed full of excitement, with my own name on it.

  29. These are a great idea. And to let the kids have them in the morning and keep things quiet is a blessing! I especially like that they save money and help the environment.

  30. Piero G.

    The Santa Sacks are a great idea, a lot better than the regular Christmas Stockings.

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